Practilities/ relevance of training using Power for MTB

A light bike doesn't replace good fitness.

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by mattr

Oh, and another thing to bear in mind with training offroad on an MTB with a PM, is that endless bugbear of mine.
Gates........... everywhere.

That was one thing that used to drive me to train for MTB racing (in the UK) on the road, on a road bike. Can do 5-10-15 minute efforts, sprints, whatever you want.
Offroad, 10 minutes if you are lucky. Maybe a bit longer if you are out in the middle of nowwhere.

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by danridesbikes

DanW - we exchange a few messages on STW via the Trainer Road thread - you helped me sort the "circumference" issue i had we was giving me +++FTP readings

i now have a Power Meter on the MTB - Stages X9 GXP

you might be interested in the data?

Sherwood Pines Lap today -

Dalby Forest Lap -

6 Hour Charity Endurance Ride -

by Weenie

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