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by tottitotti

I have just bought a Cannondale Taurine 2 2008 with a Lefty fork.
I weigh 82 kilos so I pumped the Lefty up to about 130 psi as suggested in the manual. (Well the suggested airpressures were for Scapel and Rush but no Taurine)
What makes me wonder is, that I find it very soft with that amount of airpressure. I can almost press the Lefty to the bottom, when applying force on the handlebar.
I went to a bikeshop today, and tried pressing suspensions down on a couple of Cube and Scott bikes. They seemed quite a bit harder to push down.

What air pressure would you recommend for my weight?

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by frankarooney

If it seems too soft, just pump 'er up a bit. I weigh 90 odd and I run 150 in mine. They can take plenty of pressure so just keep going til you find a happy medium. A little bit more can't hurt, I had mine underinflated for the first 12 months and kept blowing seals (insert joke here - ).

Hope this helps, good luck.

by Weenie

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by legsrburnin

Hey Totts

I had the same problem. I weigh 79 kgs and found that it was way too soft at the recommended pressures. I did further reading and found the max air pressure (assuming its a Lefty Carbon SL) is 220psi. I run mine at about 175psi and find it's about right for me.

I was concerned at first and spoke to a friend who works at my LBS. Keeping in mind he races DH, road and xc and is pushing 40 and has raced for a looong time. He kinda laughed and said he would only use the recommended pressures as a rough guide. He said he uses the max pressure and min pressure as more of a guide.

After a 5 minute play with the pressures he set it at 180psi for me. I later found that it was a little stiff, but 175 is nice.

I still use lockout on any smooth(ish) climbs or flats as even at that pressure it will bob when pushing hard.

Hope this gives you some confidence to add pressure and go to what is comfortable for you.

I'd try 180psi as a start for you.
Lefty heaven

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by tottitotti

Mine is a Lefty Speed 110 DLR2. I dont know if it makes any difference?

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