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Especially for light weight issues concerning cyclocross / touring bikes & parts.

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by Conza

Hi all,

Looking for some advice and recommendations.

I have my dream road bike—18' BMC Team Machine SLR01 One Disc, but I am now thinking about a more general purpose bike. An all-rounder of sorts.

  • Want something I am ok with being thrown around, getting supremely dirty, riding in the wet, gravel, mud etc.
  • If it could keep up with others on a slow shop ride that would be even better
  • Don't want to have a high end premium mentality (but want it to last; thinking Shimano 105 at least?). Aim is to not be entirely paranoid leaving it locked up at the shops/pub/work bike cage.
  • Don't care about weight per se.
  • Frame: aluminium, titanium?
  • Discs.
  • Fenders/Asssaver.
  • I don't do CX yet, but looks a whole lot of fun.
  • Very flat in Melbourne (mostly).

  • Raining, or big chance of rain
  • Trails
  • Commuting to work
  • Ride around town, shops, to the pub
  • Maybe CX

I am sure there are others out there who have had similar plans. Really not sure what path to go down.

(1) Single speed
(2) CX
(3) Gravel Grinder
(4) Adventure

Feel free to shoot me some links, post your bike, or the one you are thinking about etc. Any help greatly appreciated. :beerchug:
It's all about the adventure :o .

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by NickJHP

I put together one based on a Kinesis Tripster ATR v2 Ti frame. The frame is rated for 700c tyres up to 40mm with guards or 45mm without or 650b up to 2.1 inch. I went with 650b 48mm tyres on DT Swiss MTB wheels, as I could comfortably fit guards over them with plenty of clearance, and there are some really nice 650b balloon tyres available (I used Compass Switchback Hill tyres). It uses flat mount discs, 12mm thru axles front/rear, rack and mudguard mounts, three waterbottle cage mounts, etc.

Here it is pristine before it ever saw dirt. I've also had it out on some of the medium pace bunch rides around here - the fat tyres roll out pretty well, though the extra weight of mudguards, rack, saddlebag, etc can definitely be noticed on hills.





by Weenie

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by Marin


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by jemima

My first thought was that ti and locking? it up at the shop doesn't compute.

May as well look through Curve's ti offerings, as they're in Melbourne.

For an alu option I'll suggest a Mason Bokeh frameset, or the soon to be released alu frameset from Bowman Cycles.

1x with a narrow range cassette if its fairly flat in your area.

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by dim

if you are in Australia, look at the Curve Belgie (There were a few in last years Indian Pacific Wheel Race in Oz:


If you something cheaper, look at Specialized Diverge Comp:


If you can get Whyte in Australia, look at the Whyte Wessex:


I've just bought a used Whyte Suffolk for commuting (alu frame with carbon fork) , but the full carbon Whyte Wessex is on my wishlist for some Audax rides
Giant TCR
Canyon Endurace AL
Whyte Suffolk Gravel Bike

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by Multebear

Riding around town = you need gears
Raining, or big chance of rain = clearance for fenders
Trails = clearance for bigger tires
Commuting to work = gears
Ride around town, shops, to the pub = cheap and not too flashy -> aluminum or steel frame with inexpensive groupset and garniture
Maybe CX = clearance for bigger tires and mud -> cx bike

The Cannondale Caad X with Sora or 105 would be a excellent choice for that. Ticks all the boxes.

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Wrong thread

by Weenie

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