Cannondale SuperX power meter, spider, and chainring options

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by jkjaer

I just ordered the Cannondale SuperX Di2 for the upcoming CX-season [1]. I am really looking forward to receiving and racing the bike, but I need your expertise for answering a couple of questions :)

1) I need a power meter for the bike, but it seems that my options are very limited. As far as I can see, only Stages, Power2Max, and Srm make a power meter for the Hollowgram Si crankset which is on the bike. The SuperX has adopted the Ai concept from the Scalpel Si and F-Si mountain bikes. Since this means that the chainline is moved to the right by 6 mm, I strongly suspect that the Power2Max and Srm power meters will give an offset chainline if I fit them to the crankset. Has anyone else tried to fit a power meter to their SuperX (2017 and newer)?

2) Suppose I go the Stages power meter route. If I want to participate in flat road races or sportives in the Alpes, I will probably have to use a bigger or smaller chainring, respectively. The SuperX is equipped with a 40t Opi Spidering. However, I have not been able to find other sizes such as 36, 38, 42, 44, 46, 48, 50 which are compatible with the Ai Offset chainline. The only thing I have been able to find is the Spiderings for the Scalpel Si and F-Si mountain bikes, but they do not come in sizes larger than 34. Alternatively, I can find a spider compatible with the Ai Offset chainline, but I have not been able to find one which support 5 bolt chainrings with a 110/130 bcd (so I can use, e.g., CX1 rings) - only for XX1. Has anyone else been looking into using alternative chainrings and/or spiders for the SuperX (2017 and newer)?

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by zirxo

I tried to mount a Power2Max on a Rotor 3D+ on my GF's SuperX, it didn't work. The spindle touches the frame. I think that you need a Stages or similar on that bike.

by Weenie

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by doubleD

Ai on SuperX is alittle different from Scalpel-Si and Fsi. SuperX achieves Ai with a longer spindle, rather than a chainring with offset.

119mm on 1x and 125mm on 2x.

A spider based PM like Power2Max would be good. That spider based design will be able to get the correct chainline (when using Hollowgram cranks and the correct spindle). You would also be able to interchange chainrings for your different events.

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by jkjaer

Thanks for the replies. I didn't know that Ai was implemented differently on the SuperX and the Scalpel-Si/F-si.

I have also written to Power2Max, and they cannot give me a definite answer. They think it works, but cannot guarantee that the spider clears the frame. If no one else have tried it, I might give it a try and then return the power meter if it does not work.

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by Hoven

Just test to put my P2m Type S 110bcd from my evo hi-mod to my new superx force 1 2018.

It's to tight and the sprider slightly touches the frame, maybe becaus of the shorter spindle (119mm)? Do you think it's possible to run the 125mm spindle and a single ring or will the chainline be totalt wrong?

Try to take some shitty pictures,


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by jkjaer

Thanks a lot for taking the time to do this experiment for me, Hoven - despite the bad news :( I am not willing to sacrifice the optimal chainline for fitting the type S power meter using a longer spindle. I guess I have to go with a Stages power meter then (unless the new power2max NG Eco has a thinner body).

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by BenyR

I too have a SuperX (Force 1) and had issues with Powermeters and chainrings choice. I opted for Stages Gen2 power meter but had had reliability issues with it. Stages warranty and customer service has been absolutely brilliant and replaced no problem (twice!).
I am racing the 3 Peaks Cx race this year and changed out my rear cassette to an 11-36 and wanted to fit a 36T front ring. Can i find a direct fit 36T front ring? Not a chance! Especially to fit the new Ai Offset. I can find a 34T Oval ring but not a 36T round. I would have change to a Wolftooth CAMO system (worth a look) but they only go up to 38T and if i did change to this system i would want the ability to put a 40T on. The Wolftooth CAMO system might be the way forward for you though as it does enable you to run 28, 30, 32, 34, 36 & 38T chainrings.

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by jfranci3

On my BB86 frame, I had to space the crankset out an or so to get the chainline perfect.

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by rainerhq

BenyR wrote:Can i find a direct fit 36T front ring? Not a chance! Especially to fit the new Ai Offset. I can find a 34T Oval ring but not a 36T round.

What about this?
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by grover

For the SuperX with Hollowgrams the chainline is made wider by using a longer spindle (119mm single ring, 125mm double ring). You do not need an Ai offset chainring. Just buy any Cannondale direct mount chainring. The original spindle length was 109mm for the old SuperX (non-Ai rear end)

The Ai offset chainrings are only for the F-Si or Scalpel-Si where the Hollowgram spindle is the same length as it has been previously for their mountain bikes. 137mm spindle length. They didn't lengthen the spindle in this case because Q-factor would be very wide.

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by grover

Hoven, use the 125mm spindle. Chainline will be fine.

Your P2M spider is designed around a 109mm spindle and 130mm rear dropouts for a chainline of 43.5mm.

The SuperX uses a 55mm chainline (to the big ring, not the middle of a double ring)

So with 125mm spindle your chainline is 51.5mm + half the spacing between a big and little chainring which will be very close to 55mm.

If it ends up too wide then use a SRAM CX1 chainring. The teeth are offset over the middle of the spider which will narrow the chainline compared to any aftermarket Narrow-Wide chainring (WolfTooth, Raceface, Garbaruk, OneUp, etc etc)

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by grover

For what it's worth, I just use a stock Quarq BB30 110BCD crankset with SRAM CX1 chainring.

Remove the 5mm spacer and threaded preload ring from the non-drive side of the spindle. Install a 2.5mm spacer and a wavy washer. Slide through bottom bracket/frame. Install stock 13.5mm spacer on driveside and driveside arm as you would any other frame. By using the stock driveside spacer you end up with the 5mm wider Ai chainline simple because the bottom bracket shell is wider.

Yes the crankset is not centred in the frame and the non-driveside crankarm is very close to the chainstays. But it works. I don't notice it when riding. If you wanted to be particular you could put your cleats to the outside on one shoe and the inside on the other shoe. Or use pedals with adjustable spindle lengths such as speedplay.

If you wanted to get it centred you could buy a longer BB30 spindle from Cannondale/RaceFace/Stages (SRAM don't sell them) and install. You'd need 128mm spindle to get it perfect (stock spindle in SRAM road crank is 118mm). Yes the non-driveside bolt says do not disassemble, but that's never stopped anyone. Just put the stock spindle back in before you ever send it off for warranty :D

You can also install a stock SRAM GXP crankset using the Wheels Manufacturing Universal BB30/PF30 to GXP adaptor (not the BB30A specific one - it's designed for BB30A73 on road bikes not BB30A83 on CX/MTB). You can probably also install a normal SHimano road crankset with the Wheels Manf Universal BB30/PF30 to Shimano adaptor but I've not tried it. Again, the cranksets will not be centred in the frame.

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by nobuseri

This is good info. Thanks for the heads up. Will see if I can find a 128mm spindle and mate it to the Sram Quarq I have.
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by Weenie

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by toutadroit

i have the same issue- just got the superX di2. was looking for gravel options and cleanest is a 44T CD direct mount chainring paired with a stages arm. sadly i gave upon the oval chainrings since there was nothing out there.

the gearing on 44T w/10-42 is fantastic, perfect for gravel. so i will just swap rings depending on CX vs. gravel season.

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