Electronic gear shifting frame question

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by vcnz

I saw the Campagnolo Super Record EPS working and I'm amazed.

I would like to go for it but I do not have any experience with electronic gear shifting at all.

Any experience with EPS on Ridley X-Night 2012 (the old model with integrated seast post) ?
The frame has the holes for the front derailleur cables and power unit but no path to go from the power unit to the rear derailleur through the lower chain stay.

Should that cable run out of the frame ? I would appreciate any kind of advise on this

by Weenie

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by philipBer


1st; you should check that the holes for the cables are big enough. the EPS has slightly bigger (diameter) plugs than the DI2.

2nd; as far as I know the EPS is not supposed to be installed "externally". I do not know if it is possible/advisable to run the cable outside of the chainstay if you have no option to route it internally.

3rd; get a Shimano DI2 setup, I had both EPS and DI2, the Japanese guys know the "electronic business" better than the Italians, sorry to say that! ;)

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by Butcher

For what its worth, I have a '05 S-Works Tarmac and it had a cable stop for the rear derailleur cable. After drilling the riveted stop out and enlarging the hole, it was difficult, but there was just enough room to run the electrical cable inside the tube from the BB. 6 months of riding I have had no issues.

Not saying you should do that to your frame. I did ride at the back of the pack for several team Saturday suffer fests. Once I thought it was ok, I worked my way to the front where I belong [or at least tried].

Yes, SR EPS is amazing if you did not buy the first production run of bad Power Units. The second one was much better.

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by austke

philipBer wrote:Hi,

3rd; get a Shimano DI2 setup, I had both EPS and DI2, the Japanese guys know the "electronic business" better than the Italians, sorry to say that! ;)

I disagree. I also have SR EPS and DI2 9070.
Both are brilliant and Better than any mechanical group in my opinion.
Both electronic groups have their good and or better points. But I can't pick one over the other.

If it was me me. I would upgrade. Or worse case drill current frame. Like butcher did. :). Either way, go electric of either brand and enjoy.
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