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Enda Marron
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by Enda Marron

I think I will upgrade my rim brakes
Options are...
TRP Euro X or Avid Shorty Ultimates
Which do you advise and any other suggestions

by Weenie

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by thewatchtech

I have TRPs on one bike and Shorty Ultimates on the other. My prefer the TRPs because they have a significantly lower modulation than the Avids, which feel a bit too "squishy" for my taste. Both provide adequate braking power, but I happen to prefer a very tight and positive brake action.

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by Ragamuffin

I've used the Avid Ultimates, and while they work, I found them underwhelming. I'm not an elite racer so I still use my brakes more frequently than I should, but as with most cantis, power left a bit to be desired and I too experienced the "squishy" nature that thewatchtech addressed. You may want to add the TRP RevoX to your list as well.

As a side note, I'm trying mini-vs for this season and they're pretty great. Heavier for sure than nice cantis, but for $30 for a pair of Tektros, I figured it was worth a try.

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by vcnz

I have TRPs both carbon and magnesium versions, but last year I bought a set of FSA SL-K for a budget build.

They are much cheaper than top TRP/Avid model, but I can tell you they are amazing, best value for the money by far and also very nice looking

Enda Marron
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by Enda Marron

Thanks for the advice - I went for the TRP's

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by JN2Wheels

Brake pads will make just as much difference. I think TRPs stock compound sucks. Switched to SwissStop BXP, and all is so much better. Cheapest brake upgrade out there.

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by yz387

I ran the Euro-X last season and am running the Shorty Ultimates this season (narrow stance front and rear). The difference is night and day; the Avids are WAY more powerful. I gave the Euro-X brakes to one of my buddies since i have no intention of ever installing them again. Note: it might have something to do with the fact that I run 303 firecrests and I can get the pads aligned much better on these wide rims with the Avids than I could with the TRPs.

by Weenie

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