What saddles is everyone using?

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by thisisatest

i really want a Berk custom saddle/post based on an SMP saddle. that would be sweeet.

by Weenie

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by fa63

Specialized Romin.

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by project3

Prologo Scratch Pro way much better than fizik and wtb and salle italia SLR - if i did not spot this topic, have totally forgotten about the pain previously that i had with those saddles.

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by AnthonySJB

Fizik Arione.

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by CimaCoppi

Selle Italia SLR C64 Quattro Carbon...

Longest named saddle, but it's light and I really like it. I've been using it for years.

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by nickmcg1971

anyone using the Fizik Antares saddle with Versus? looking at the Fizik guide i should be buying this

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by skiandbikecmh

Was riding a 141 gram Selle Italia SLR minus the cover Ti Rails, on my MTB, then it cracked when I crashed and it landed on a tree :cry:

On my Cross bike I am riding a Fizik Arione CX Manganes Rails. Love the Arione, don't like the look of it on HT mtb tho.
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by boombaux

I just ordered a Cutter Blackbird

haven't heard of the brand before yesterday but it was $40 and 160 claimed, can't really go wrong
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by fio

Been riding the Prologo Scratch Nack for a few months and I've really been enjoying it. Great for longer days. I've also got the Pro version on my commuter and they are very different padding-wise. The Nack is way firmer. Love em both. Kinda wish that the nose wasn't so long (looks a little goofy) but other than that it's been great.

Occasionally I do put my SLR back on the bike though, just for a different feel. In a silhouette type way these saddles are very similar, but the Scratch is obviously more rounded. I like the minimalism of the SLR but it just doesn't jive with me for that long.

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by gsgrossart

Been riding an un~saddle for the last 6 years (road and mtb).

Super comfortable. I just wish I could find someone to make a carbon undercarriage for it. The alloy used for it is defnitely not weightweenie approved :(
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by nayr497

Daily ride road bikes - Selle Italia Flites
Sunday cruisin' road bike - Selle San Marco Regal Ti
CX bike - Fizik Gobi XM
Commuter bike - Selle Italia Mundialita (love it, hard to find though)
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by Bianchi10

LOVING my specialized romin evo pro carbon rails!

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by Wingnut

Sadly gone back to my Fizik Arione carbon, unable to get enough setback with my old Rolls...better fit overall now but saddle isn't nearly as comfy :(
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by Kjetil

Which makes me remember that Selle SMP have plenty of setback in their design.

by Weenie

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by bricky21

True in my case. I sit about 2+/- cm's further back on the SMP than I did on an Arione. It really depends on the individual though. Even among folks who find a particular saddle comfortable they wont all necessarily bit sitting in the same place on it.

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