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by pdenes

Hello guys
I'm going to buy a new carbon handlebar to my bike, I looked at many handlebars, and mostly I like this:

But I don't really know this brand.. I saw on a couple of bicycles some Merek components, but nothing more.
What do you think of Merek, and from the products of theirs?

Thank you for the help, and sorry for my bad English :|

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by Valbrona

That looks an excellent handle bar and no doubt every bit as good as the ones branded with other names. I do not know of a carbon handle bar on the market which is not made in Taiwan or China.

by Weenie

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by weeshuggy

i've not tried those particular ones but these ( ... 43acafe2f6) are amazing there pretty light, very comfortable and super strong, i've crashed them 4 time (once being hit by a car) and there still goin strong. I bought a seatpost off them to match as well, its pretty good to. Don't think u will be disapointed with either one u get.

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by pdenes

Valbrona wrote:...I do not know of a carbon handle bar on the market which is not made in Taiwan or China.

Yes, you're right! And the big brands make their bikes there too!(for example: Giant, Cannondale, Specialized..)

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by ajz07

it's only an annoying problem if you want the stem/ handlebar/ seat to all match (which my OCD is now making me do)

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by MrMojo

I've got the Merek one piece handlebars and stem and have had no issues, they are stiff and reasonably lightish. I got them about 3.5 years ago and now they are on second bike. From what I remember delivery was quick and they put a low value on the customs form :wink:
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by caseycycling

I have used a Merek carbon saddle for the last year and a half, and it has been perfect. I know carbon saddles are not for everyone but as far as quailty and durability it has been great.

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by djconnel

Looks heavy.
added: I see... it is heavy; 250 grams.

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by pdenes

Heavy? I don't think..
For example: Here's FSA K-Wing

maximum -23 g , for the double price... hmm :)
And weight isn't really important for me..

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by redoaker

My goodness....................!!!! talk about a SPAM JOB!
Those first few posts were pure SPAM.
MEREK is Mega Composites house brand. All made in Taiwan. I'm sure it's all good stuff.
But come on guys. Crashed (4) times, hit by a car? Sure, whatever you say. :roll:

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by Rick

250 ± 20 grams ?!?!?

My Race Face aluminum bars are only 230 gms.

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by Praha19300

the only problem with most of these generic carbon parts is their gawdy graphics , don't they realise there is a market for understated chic , nice matte gloss over 3k weave with a nice tiny chrome silver logo for example instead of slapping loads of paint and decals all over the product.

by Weenie

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