Your Favorite Clincher Tires?

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by Dman

Get on some Panaracer Type-D's. They are by far the best tyres I've ever used and after being a GP4000 fan for so long, I'll never buy Continental's again.

The tyre is all Japanese quality without the price-tag. Fast and durable

I reckon they are cycling's best kept secret
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by Weenie

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by VTBike

I recently switched from Conti gp4000 to Vittoria Open CX 320tpi (23cc) with Vittoria latex tubes.. Like night and day for me - so much more compliant, and I feel like the grip is excellent.

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by Mikmik

Haven't tried a lot of tires (they take too long to wear out) but out of the handful the stand out clincher for me is the GP 4000. They have good grip, are durable, great roll, good weight and okay puncture proof-ness.
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by drchull

claude274 wrote:I have Michelin Krylion Carbon and love them!

I second that in the 25C. Run at 80-90 PSI and not a single flat all year including a number of mixed surface races and training on dirt roads. All that and I weigh 195 lbs.

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by oreoboreo

Another vote for Conti 4000s
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by bricky21

sugarkane wrote:Veloflex carbon 22s Fast, grippy and a nice ride with foss tubes or latex
They are around 216g each
GP4000s are not 200-210g either... More like 230-235g each
Conti supersonics are great in the front and 150-160g each..
Not a good rear tire as they are pretty thin..

Velofllex carbon's are tubular tires this thread is about clincher tires. However, Veloflex does make some fantastic clincher's, but I wouldn't really call them durable.

Here's a picture of a 2 month old Conti GP 4000s


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by jmilliron

Michelin Pro3 Race. Great weight. Great traction. Great ride quality (better then GP4000s, IMO). Have gotten one flat this year and that was back in the spring.
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by jdp211

Vittoria open corsa cx in 25c

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by konky

Pro race 3 in summer. I think the road feel is best but durability not that great.

GP400s in winter. Decent road feel etc but very durable.

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by SpeedConcept

Another vote for the Continental GP4000s. :thumbup:

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by nickf

Veloflex master 22s

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by avispa

I was on Veloflex Pave a few years ago... Too many flats! Then went to Continental GP 4000S until I started to use Reynolds rims... I noticed these tires were a royal PIA to change on these rims. So I decided to try Schwalbe Ultremo. I have been on Schwalbe for all of 2011 so far and I am super happy with them; I had minor problems with the R1s at the beginning until I learned some tricks about using/inflating these tires.

I use Ultremo ZX (the new R1) 23mm in front and Ultremo DD 23 or 25mm, in back. Only two flats this year, mostly due to using tires that are worn out (rear) and a nail on the side wall (front) the second time. So far, not looking back at any other tire... Love the feel of these tires and the ease to replace them! Sometimes do not even need tire irons!


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by ychornet

"GP4000s", but recently I hear some good reviews about attack-force. I'll try them

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by Echo

Thanks so much for all of the responses thus far, keep them coming!

Quick question though... What is the difference between the GP4000 and GP4000 S? Is it just TPI count, thickness and price?

So far, the GP4000 is in the lead simply by the fact that it has been most recommended thus far. Keep the responses coming!!!


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by rjfrzb

Continental for tires of yesteryear, still have a set of Grand Prix, in great shape from 1999. Lots of tread and sidewalls in great shape, though discolored. Really nice, lightweight tire. As they were old, I changed to the Krylion.

The Michelin Krylion 23 have been durable and reliable. The only complaint is they are a bit harsh on my steel bike over chip seal. No cuts, no flats. Not as light and responsive, nor as comfortable as the ZX.

Upgraded from Krylion to Schwalbe ZX. Full winter and spring with no issues, no punctures, even riding over newly paved road, PIA to remove the tar. Tires are still going strong.

So I bought a new set of ZX's for my new lightweight road bike. The experience has not been pleasant. 2 rides, 2 flats with cuts deep enough to ruin the tires. Ok, so I bought the silver sidewall, maybe, as Schwalbe states, the all black are better. Bought a set of black. On the way through town to the first ride with the new tires, a flat and another ruined tire. I have no idea why one set is still going strong after 8 months and 2 others are trash. I suppose it could happen to anyone, or then again, maybe it is poor quality control at Schwalbe, who knows. The roads here are relatively clean. Very little broken glass. More sharp stones than anything else. All of the ruined Schwalbe tires had large cuts through the casing, but nothing stuck in the tire (i.e. tacks, nails, wire, etc.). Schwalbe have not responded to my comments. I just can't afford to keep trying to find another durable set of ZXs, not to mention I have no confidence they will get me safely down a twisty descent. Too bad,they are light, soak up rough road, and they are grippy in the wet and dry. Next, Vittoria Open Pavé.

Tomorrow is the first ride with these tires. 100km is not enough to evaluate a tire. Others have reported good results. I hope for the best. They are certainly more difficult to mount on my HED Bastogne wheels. The ZX's went on with little drama. The Vittorias not so. Really a challenge.

by Weenie

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