Advice on Colnago C59 Geometry

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by airwise

Colonia wrote:Can we put this myth to bed? Italian stage-race geo is described in detail in the CONI manual, and that geometry is largely unchanged on today's Italian bikes. The long and low thing is bollocks. For example, a 56 cm Colnago should run a 9.5-10 cm stem based solely on frame proportionality (body morphology can dictate otherwise, of course). You can also see how this works just by looking at a bike: look at where the end of the bar (curve) ends up in relation to the front hub -- with a proportional stem, it will sit right over the hub.

Just as an aside, I run a 52s with a 100mm stem right now.

I would say it works really well but there is a proviso. As a combination it feels rock solid but the front centre on a C59 is considerably longer than on many modern alternatives from the likes of Cannondale, Specialized, Cervelo and others.

This will simply mean enhanced stability for many, and indeed this is what I find for the majority of riding. Attacking hairpins however, on a long alpine descent for instance, one is aware of a tendency to understeer when holding your normal descending position. Just my experience but the longer front centre requires a shift in body weight towards the front wheel when cornering sharply and this can be counterintuitive.

I suspect that a 50s with a 110mm stem would solve the issue when descending but I do wonder how much of the stability one might lose when climbing or riding low on the hoods.

Overall though, the experience of riding a C59 makes me aware of the failings that have been in all of my other bikes to date, regardless of numerous professional fits.

by Weenie

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by seanlol

Dear Colnago aficonados,

Long time lurker and soon-to-be Colnago C-59 owner here.

I am torn between picking 52 traditional with only 120mm seat post shown and going with 48 sloping that shows 160mm of seat post. I really want the horizontal look, but fear that a 115-120mm seat post might look... too jarring. 120mm of seat post also precludes a few pain schemes, such as the Art Decor White (ADWH)/Orange(ADAR) from last year which need at least 160mm of clearance for the whole flame graphic to show.

Do you think 115-120mm too short? If it were you, would you value a particular top tube look, horizontal in my case, more than the integrity of another part, that of a properly exposed seat post, for example?

Thank you!

Below is chart of 48s mocked up by my LBS and also showing how 52t would look.


* I added 5mm to seat post height to account for a 170mm crank arm as opposed to 175mm that the chart is using.

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by shimmeD

I went for sloping whilst I already have 105mm saddle to bars drop, my thinking being that for small bikes sloping toptube looks best.
If you're flexible, slam the stem (with lower stack headset cap). You could also try 165mm cranks; it might improve your pedalling.
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by SalsaLover

IMO traditional and -17° stem looks best on a Colnago

See my signature, I have a thread there were I am selling a 52cm C40 so you can see how it would look like yours
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by kgt

+100 on traditional

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by nismosr

from all of you colnago aficionados is there a difference in ride between the two style frameset from Colnago and what are pro and cons if there is?

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by emorydptt

It just all depends on your fit.
I ride a traditional 53 for my EPS and a sloping 48 for my c59.
Very similar geometry and I got such a good deal on the c59 that I couldn't pass up.
I feel just as comfortable on both fit wise, the c59 is stiffer.
The EPS is actually the best bike I have ever ridden.
I hope that helps.
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by nismosr

do you have any picture of the bikes. if the good deal was on a c59 traditional would you get that instead of the 48s ?

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by Delorre

May I ask for some advice to the Colnago freaks over here? I'm about to buy a 54s matt team edition frame secound hand. My current 2 bikes have 77cm saddle height and 9,5 cm drop with a 12cm stem, and around 58,5cm from saddle tip to centre of handlebar. I'm a little worried that the front end of a 54s would be to high to achive this drop, even if I ditch that standard expanding topcap. According to the geo charts, it should be OK with a few mm spacers below the stem, as it's really, realy close to the geo of my Scott CR1 regarding stack & reach. But I don't trust it for the 100% And a 52s would be to small I think. Could you also give any advise on what's "better" handling on those frames : a 12cm stem with a 85mm reach bar or a 13cm stem with a 75mm reach bar?

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