DuraAce pedal axle lenght?

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by ww4

Is DuraAce and 105 has the same axle pedal length and also does Shimano make longer pedal axle than other manufacturers. I need to widen my stance and I'm looking at getting a new pedal as I'm currently using crankbothers candy. Does anyone have a list of which manufacturers has the longest pedal axle stance?

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by mrnotwo

I have shimano 105, speedplay x5 and look keo 2 max and they all have about the same spindle length, except look keo 2 has extra space for spacers. I was using 105 with 2 spacers anyway, so you could probably fit 3 or 4 if you feel adventurous in the keo.

That said, I think speedplay allows for more cleat offset, and you could put some spacers in the spindle as well but it doesn't have much float in the heels-to-frame direction for some reason, it seems to float -5 degrees to frame but 20 degrees away from frame.

You could also get extra long titanium spindles for speedplays and keos by the way, never heard of shimano ones.

I am interested if someone actually measured the spindle lengths though.

by Weenie

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by ksroadie

Speedplays are available in five spindle lengths, from 50mm to 63mm.

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by trider075

ksroadie wrote:Speedplays are available in five spindle lengths, from 50mm to 63mm.

I know six spindle lengths but maybe you know better :unbelievable:

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by chocy

I have both 105 pedals and Dura-Ace. Dura-Ace definitely has shorter spindle length. It is actually noticeably narrow when compared to 105. But I don't know exactly by how much. I can't imagine it being more than 1 cm total. It was weird at first going from 105 to dura ace but now I prefer the Dura_ace's narrower spindles. I still use 105 pedals on my commuter bike and it works just fine.
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by boots2000

so far Shimano only makes wider Spindles for Mark Cavendish.
As others have said- Speedplay makes spindles in multiple lengths- but their pedals are crap.
Usually if you need wide spindles you also could benefit from the stability of a nice pedal.
You can get aftermarket wide spindles for Look Keo2Max from tispindles.com.
These also fit Carbon keo2Max, and newest model Blade.
This is the hot setup if you need wider width.
They are 65mm wider per side. Can adjust cleats to make them less if you need to.
I have been riding these for 1 year- they are the way to go. Search the site for install tips. Need to be a good wrench with a good touch and correct tools to perform the surgery.
No one makes aftermarket spindles for Shimano because the internals are more complicated than other pedals.

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by BdaGhisallo

Keywin also make different axle lengths. -6mm, -3mm, +3mm and +6mm.

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by bushyv

Does anyone know if the standard stainless zero spindle length from speedplay is shorter or longer than that of the Dura ace....

Also, did the spindle length change between the 7810 and 7900 pedals?

I've been using speedplay for a while but I think I'm being tempted back to dura ace, but only if the QF the same or narrower...


by Weenie

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