Louis garneau and Specialized Road shoes

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by digitalnorbs

Hi all,

Im going to pick up a new pair of shoes tomorrow. Looks like my choices are
Louis Garneau

did any one that used any of them, chime in, or any one that used all brands
and might have switched from one to other and had good options that would like
to share=) I did search on line, go lots of data already, but as always, like to here
from my 2nd family (ww)

CFS-300 $300.00
CARBON HRS-2 $220.00

Expert Road $200.00
Pro Road $285.00

Fizik R3 $300.00

as always, thank you for all your help!

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by hillierious


I tried the CFS300s and the Specialized S-works shoe and the two are almost in two different leagues. The fit on the specialized's were far better than the LGs. The materials on the specialized shoe is of a higher quality as well. Its more expensive by quite a bit but you'll find that paying the extra bit for having a perfect shoe is totally worth it. Hope you find a sweet new set of kicks!

by Weenie

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by theremery

I've had a set of LGs for ages...not bad shoes but they are not great for sprinting on for me personally. The LG's hold your foot with a slight outward roll so f you sprint out of the saddle as I do for the most of the big bunch finish type sprints it reduces your ability to "work" the bike from side to side (because part of your "angle" is "pre-used" if that makes sense.).
The Lg's are comfy and heat mold is great too.
Most of my friends have gone from LGs to Secialized and report the specialized is significantly better.
[my top race shoes are the ugly retro looking pearl Izumi Octane SL's....they are NOT comfy but a good sprinting shoe]
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by digitalnorbs

i dont think I can swing the s works, how about the expert model, do you guys know if any of your friends ride that model. thanks

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by campyman099

The Expert shoes from Specialized are essentially the SWorks shoes from a few years back. Nice fit and a pretty stiff sole.
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by VTBike

No comparison between expert and s-works.. The s-works fit like socks, and the adjustability of the boa is really nice. Spring for the s-works, you won't regret it. Shoes are too important an area to make sacrifices if you don't have to!

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by RichTheRoadie

Get your feet checked - if you have a varus foot the S-Works are a bad idea because of the built-in angle of the shoe.

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by FreaK

I curious about the Fizik reports too.
In terms of fit and finish and the performance i'd expect from them, i'd put them with the S-works rather than the pro anyway.
I've tried the spec but not been enthused about any model's fit apart from the s-works. but even then, i'm not pleased with the way they wrap over the toe.
We used to sell specialized at the shop i work at and pretty much everyone who bought the comp, ended up wearing s-works eventually. The boa system seemed promising but perhaps suboptimally executed so the Lake models with boa and Kangaroo leather caught my attention, until i tried Lakes and found the last and my foot weren't on the same page.
Now that we're fizik dealers, I'm curious what other people think, since nobody's bitten the bullet and bought any yet.

I like them but it's wheels and campy cassette buying time so the budget won't accept the shoes.
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by bones

All the talk about which is better aside... I have used both. Good quality from either. As far as fit, I would say that the Garneaus, on average, are a touch wider than the Specialized. I'm not a big fan of the string, fishing line thing to tighten shoes, but hey. If it appeals to you, more power to you.

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by TOflat

I'm coming off a pair of Carbon HRS shoes that I've used for around 3 years. These were a size 44. They fit "well" and they were a very nice shoe to wear. I thought of trying something a little different and ended up being referred to specialized S-Works shoes by a friend and decided to give them a go. It is only once in a while that shoes actually fit my foot right off the bat, and a size smaller to boot. Size 43 shoes with zero comfort issues and half the weight of the Louis Garneau shoes. Also close to double the price.

If the shoe fits, get it. I would recommend either shoe but the Specialized definitely has a few more things going for it.

by Weenie

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