CODA Expert Hubs: Who manufactures them?

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by drjones96

My poo training wheels are the ones that came with my bike (2001 Cannondal R600 CAAD4).

Here is the breakdown:
Mavic CXP-21 Rims (Low profile but heavy rims)
DT Swiss Champion Spokes with Alloy nipples (Heavy duty spokes)
CODA Expert hubs (28F/28R)

My question is, Who makes the hubs...really? Does anybody out there know? They look very Cane Creek 'ish.....but I could be way off. At any rate they seem to be bomb proof wheels and if I'm going to hang on to them I'd be nice to know who makes the hubs in the event that I need to replace the bearings or other hub parts.

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by spookyload

I know I had to replace a freehub and a Coda expert wheels in 2000 and they sent a part that was stamped with DT. Don't know if it was the 240 but it was manufactured by DT back then.

by Weenie

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by Boonen

Bearings in these hubs should be pretty standard. The coda 900/901 hubs very made by DT, it is possible that yours are as well. Maybe you could post a picture for us to tell?

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by saletel

those arent the dtswiss made ones, well at least not the 240 hubs. the wheels that i was aware that came with the 240 dt hubs used open pro rims. post up a picture.

competion were dt swiss / hugi. most other hubs were made by formula

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