Deda Zero100- How Noodley

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by KWalker

I have a 'sprinter' power profile as well, but I'm only 6 foot 1 and 155 lbs. I will see how it goes since the parts are basically here and report back.
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by Getter

How do you "feel" flex on your bar/stem combo? Just curious...

I'm running a 100mm 3T Team stem with the Easton EC90 SLX3 bars now on my Six13...but moving to a System 6 soon and was thinking about switching to the Deda SC stem.

I'm 5'8" and 157lbs.

I don't race...but if I can get a better feel out of the bike...I'm all for it. :mrgreen:

by Weenie

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by RollingGoat

It's hard to explain what bar flex feels like, at best I can say it's similar to rear end flex, except at the other end of the bike.

I can explain rear end flex. My first road bike was an aluminum Jamis Ventura, and it had these really crappy entry level Shimano wheels. Between the frame and the wheels there was a ton of flex going on back there. When I was cornering really hard, like on a technical crit course or while I was doing handling drills with the other juniors, it would feel like sort of like my rear tire was flat and rolling off the rim, while the bike was starting to slide. Once I put some stiffer wheels on there, the feeling mostly went away. And then when I switched to a stiffer bike, it went away completely.

When I'm going full-tilt in a sprint with a flexy front end (frame, bar/stem, wheels, whatever) , I get something kind similar to that in the front, but less pronounced
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by 743power

I'm 6'1, 155lbs and I found the zero 100 parts to be perfectly stiff. I'm not heavy, but I have long arms and legs so I can put alot of torque into parts like bars and cranks. I recently switched to some fsa alloy bars to try a different shape and I would say the z100's were slightly stiffer.

I should note that I don't find these parts to be harsh riding, which sometimes comes with stiffness. That is pretty dependent on the rest of the bike though.
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by farbound

The handling could also differ when one switches from newton to zero because of differences in reach and drop. Depending on how you install your shifters, you can end up with up to 2cm of reduced reach and 1~2cm of reduced drop, which will make the handling less stable until you're accustomed to the new geometry. Perhaps this is the contribution for the "unstable handling" of the zeros for some people?

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by peruffo

I find the Deda Zero stem @130 mm lenght stiff enough with a 620 mm wide riser bar. Weight of the stem: 138 gr. (picture taken during the buiding process)
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by KWalker

After riding this setup for almost two weeks I can say that it is noticeably stiffer (both bars and stem, which is a 130), than my 3T ARX team stem was and my 3T Ergosum pro bars were. I'm curious as to how many spacers others were running, how overweight they are, how poor their sprinting technique is, and how truly stiff their fork/front end is to say that these are buttery. I doubt that anyone on this board puts out more power than the Katusha or QuickStep riders using these products so I'm wondering what the weak links could be. The bar shape is great, the weight was decent, and they look very nice as well- I'd say they don't deserve the hate.
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by 2002SaecoReplica

It's not noodley.

Come guys honestly think you can tell stem flex from bar flex/steerer tube flex at some 600 watt max effort?
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by dog

Please post updates on this topic?

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by bontie

170 odd, rouleur type - Deda Zero100 works.
I love them, have it on 2 out of 3 bikes, and the same shape, different model on the third.

Noodly? nope. Stiff enough? yes.

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by doozer

gitsome wrote:
STARNUT wrote:Imma' 2nd gitsome on this one as I am and was riding the exact same thing. I had the 3T pro and Zipp SLs on the bike and the front end was just a little softer than I like. Went full Deda with the Zero 100 bar and stem. At 6'0'' and 145-150 lbs it was way to stiff. So I kept the stem at a 120mm/-8 and put the Zipp bars back on and now all is well. As to stiffness, I'm of the opinion that ultimate stiffness on bar and stem can be a bad thing. I for one, at my size, find that overly stiff bar and stem combos can be uncomfortable. Just sayin'


6"0 and 150 lbS?! Good God Man! Have you replaced your bones with carbon fiber and veins with latex?

You must really ride A LOT! That's more substantially WW than a 12 lb bike.

WTF..are you on glue? I just did the metric-BG conversion and I'm 145 lbs and 6 foot 1. I ride/race with very similar guys in the UK, quite a few have slimmer ratios. I don't think the numbers you quote are that unusual, certainly not enough to initmate the man might be a carbon-framed cyborg :shock: :lol:

i ride the zero 100 stem (standard version which i swapped over the steel bolts to ti) and 3T rotundo CF bars. can't get the things to flex, at least from what i can tell. :noidea:
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by djconnel

gitsome wrote:6"0 and 150 lbS?! Good God Man! Have you replaced your bones with carbon fiber and veins with latex?

BMI = 20.34. Light, sure, especially since BMI drifts upward as riders get taller, but it's hardly eye-popping.

And I share the view that the stiffness obsession with stems is irrational. Even in sprinting, I wonder if smoother isn't generally faster. I'd love to see some real data.

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by Huge

193 cm and 105 kg. I have both the Pro Vibe and deda 100. marginal advantage to the Pro Vibe, but not worth worrying about. I tend to find many other things flex prior to the bars.

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by benzebub

any more user opinions on zero100 bar stifness? perhaps compared to fizik R3 bars?

also, is there a bar available with similiar shape to the deda but with a reach of 80mm?
But I could be wrong

by Weenie

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by pavel

I had the DMP zero100 newton bar with the zero100 stems in several lengths and I did not notice flex issues. I wish they still made those finishes.

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