Bontrager XXX lineup

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by gumgardner

These components (handlebars, seatposts) seem very light, durable and not nearly as expensive as components in a similar weight range. Why don't we see more of these on WW builds? Not sexy enough?

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by KWalker

I've seen them on builds on here before, but I think they are slightly more expensive that stuff with comparable weight/quality and they are part of the whole mass-produced Trek/Bontrager lineup.
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by Weenie

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by ras11

Like Speciallized or Zipp, the Bontrager components are tested for use by "the public"... so they tend to be a little more robust of a product than something you see coming from asian design house. So the higher cost often reflects the brand name, which in theory is related to performance and quality. The typical higher price point often keeps these products off your regular WW build, and lacking super-light-weight keeps them off the uber-light WW builds. That said, you'll likely find that these components are the ones holing their own in time... those WW builds who span a decade of riding and abuse.
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by CharlesM

Used and abused... They're solid stuff at a great weight spec.


The price is in line relative to weight and performance... The perception is less so and it's not based in anything but the association to being a Trek house brand. Under rated stuff in general.

If you told me I could only have Bontrager bars stems and posts for the next few builds, I would be fine with it. There are lots of competitive choices and I'm not saying this is the absolute best, but it's very competitive with the top tier product available from other companies.

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by CBJ

Just seems like there are better deals on other brands when you shop around just like its difficult to find deals on Specialized products too as the bike companies protect the pricing.

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by kgt

The truth is that for many people Bontrager can only match a Trek frame...

by Weenie

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by karlch

ive got the bars on both of my bikes just love the feel and the shape but bars should be chosen on what works for you and not just what they weigh and look like.
just my 2 cents

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