What kind of cassette is this?

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by Paul_nl

At the article of LightWeights I saw the following picture.
Armstrong's mountain machine with Lightweights on the TdF 2002

What kind of cassette is that? Is it blue? Or is it just the oil?

by Weenie

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by Joel

It's probably TA Kheops

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by popawheelie

Are the TA Kheops alau. with alau. spacers or is it a single piece of alau.
machined out?

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by Superlite

There aluminum with aluminum spacers. The nice thing about them is you can replace individual cogs, so when they wear out you don't have to buy a new cassette.

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by Delpi

Recently, I have Bought the new cassette produced by Tiso
The model is K7 ultra 10V (for Campagnolo Record 10V 12-25)
Claimed Weight (11-23) 99gr
Real Weight (12-25) 121gr
:lol: The cassette works very well but it costs 203,90 Euro :cry: !!!!!!


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by Superlite

The TA Kheops is only 89 Euros at total cycling.

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by benz76

If properly assembled and with regualr mantainance (cleaning) also Marchisio Cassettes are very good. They're single aluminium cogs, with plastic specers, fitted on a Campy / Shimano adapter. So, if you change your freewheel you only have to buy new adapters, and not the entire cassette.

Bye, Benz.

by Weenie

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