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by drtrzay

Ok. Ive narrowed it down to a Ridley Excalibur with full record group but with FSA RD 600 rims, total weight 15.7 or Specialized Roubaix frame with same group ( if local bike store will deal on price) Ridley will be internet purchase so no local support but unreal bike for a little over 4 k. Help me out race a little do more century type stuff. Im 5'11 190lbs if that matters in the selection process.

The heavy Climber

by Weenie

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by JK

I'd say go with the Roubaix. I hear a lot of bad stories about Ridley's carbon frames. A lot of pro's that ride Ridley have chosen their aluminium bike, because the Damocles (Excalibur weighs the same according to their website, so I expect it to be the same frame) tends to break up. It's not just the pro's: Some local teams in my neighbourhood have had their Ridley carbon's replaced for new ones more than once this year.

Mind you: They are just stories. I have never seen a pile of broken Ridley frames myself :roll: and people tend to give a brand a bad name after just one bad case. That said, if you plan on buying one on the internet and you weigh 190lbs, I say do not take the risk and buy something you can take back to the bike shop if something is wrong.

leonardo da vinci
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by leonardo da vinci

I have to agree with JK on this one, don't buy a Ridley corbon bike, especially if you're heavy and don't have a LBS selling them. Really, for a Ridley, the scandium frame is the way to go! Great frame for a much better price as well, but I reckon you like carbon just a tad better :roll:

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