Another Easton EC90 post tuning!

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by LiteAgilis

I am also putting together a bmc w the same post but w setback. I can't tell from the photos, but maybe I should be able to. How much weight would be saved w just the ti bolts and the ax yolks (I am quite a bit bigger than you at 1.93 meters) and don't want to go playing too much w the seatpost head
Also +1 for the nicely done set

by Weenie

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by Segraves8

Very nice! I might have to try this

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maddog 2
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by maddog 2

nice post (in both senses...)

any idea if the 2010 post is essentially the same post, just a change of decals?;n ... d=97;pgc=0" onclick=";return false;


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by MrRedRaider

I think it is the same; new decals, new higher price.

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by Pintxo

nice work

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by 0nelove

Can anyone comment on the strength of the top clamp after it's been machined down? It seems really, really robust with a lot of area for reduction (rather than purchasing new stuff).

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by htono

How and where do you buy AX Lightness parts?

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