Cipollini quits - now!

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by Dr.Dos ... lini.shtml

One of the best riders ever, a man with real charisma quits racing. What a shame, he was the greatest of his time. Inventor of the famous 'treno' that Petacchi turned into perfection.

by Weenie

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by HXTi

I am a big cipo fan even though he can be a big baby sometimes. I was hoping he would do the giro and win a another stage and get the proper send off. If this is true hopefully he changes his mind.

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by madcow

He was actually good for cycling in the states. Last year at the Tour of Georgia, Cipo(who has alot of trouble with english) and Gord Fraser were both available before each stage for fans to talk to and get autographs etc...Lance was locked in his trailer doing nothing to promote the sport.

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by cirroc

Love those Mavic "Cosmic Carbone" wheels that Cipo is riding. Carbonsports has potentially lost one of their best customers!

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by cadence90

One of the great characters of this era, and 189 wins isn't too bad.
He'll be missed. And he'll miss it, too....

And who will wear the flashy skinsuits/helmets/those horrendous Oakleys now? :wink:

I remember a great photo (I can't find it now :cry: ) from last years World Road Championships: after the race, from the VIP area, the backs of the people and the winners on the podium, Cipo at the far left, leaning against a wall, stylish, wondering what could have been (you could tell, even from his back) and this woman, completely ignoring the podium, just staring up at me that photo summed up his style, drive, charm, and of course...the ladies....
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by the Repeater

I guess the second, second comeback was short-lived.

A shame, really. Nobody wore uglier crap, ever. Not even the granpa's sportin' triples on Madone's with lizard jerseys.

I guess I was the only one that thought he had the face of a mule... but the sport needs guys like that.

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by 2002SaecoReplica

No one else could A) not get invited to the tour even though they're the world champion then B) show up anyway and ride down the Champs-Élysées in a pair of red cowboy boots
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by Superlite

I loved Cipo's style. He was style man!

Remember this skin suit from the tour?

A shame, really. Nobody wore uglier crap, ever. Not even the granpa's sportin' triples on Madone's with lizard jerseys.

I guess I was the only one that thought he had the face of a mule... but the sport needs guys like that.

Never heard that about Cipo. Esp the part of having the face of a mule. Doesn't look like it to me. With as many women he has been with I don't think they have been complaining too much. :wink:
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by brianwchan

LOL omg my eyes!!!!! they're burning

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by hamsterchick

Just to verify something I randomly heard.......

Was it Super Mario who eventually popularised the use of coordinated cycling jerseys and shorts plus of course those fashionista statements of skinsuits just like the one shown above. Previous to Cippo, only the top attire was usually embellished but not the shorts.

In fact, here in SG, the cannodale dealer has still one such skinsuit for sale except that the version is in short sleaves.

Anyway, his name is assured in cycling fame and history.

And just to think that just the previous editions of roadcycling 'zines that his eminent comeback was featured prominently only to fall flat with his disclosure of retirement.

Cippo just took away the seriousness in the pro peloton with his own style and character....sorely missed. :(

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by big fellow

what a shame, although not really unexpected

he was brilliant for his charisma and profile in the sport

as another poster said - who will wear the muscle skin suit that SL posted? who will wear the zebra suits? who will have team launches with semi-naked women?

cycling sure has lost a big star - will be missed!


by danielgillett

He is also a big advertisement for D&G. So he will have plenty of work to do for them, should he require any more income...

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by smallfish101

I admire the guy, not only for his style :shock: but also he was not afraid to put his legs in the place of his mouth. He could also sprint pretty damn well. Vale, Cipo.

by Weenie

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by brecht


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