Dura-Ace to Campy

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by zoom52

I am thinking of changing my Dura-Ace 10-speed to Campy Record 10-speed with the carbon crank. I did a rough estimate on how much weight savings this would be and I came up with 171 grams.

Does this sound about right.

I know Shimano weight claims are usually correct.
I don't know about Campy weight claims.

by Weenie

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by Superlite

Just a word of advice, don't switch from DA to Campy to just save weight. If your switching because you like using Campy then great, but for weight savings, big mistake.

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by ajh

My Dad did the change just to get the carbon items. I have been Shimano since 1990 and I have a hard time changing gears on his bike. It would not be much of a big deal in casual riding but it would be a big learning curve for competition.

I would rather have campy because of the look, weight and the ability to rebuild but I do not want to re-learn how to shift.

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by brianwchan

Is it really that hard to switch between the two? I had a shimano bike a while ago and I was able to switch between the two fairly easily.

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by dlight

How is the shifting? Is it crisp, precise, fast? I've been thinking of switching also from DA to Campy. DA is just a little more expensive to replace parts right now. I've always wanted to give it a try also.

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by zakeen

WOw...... coming from Australia, getting parts for campy is always a long drag! takes a while. But if you need something from Shimano 24hours and any LBS can get it, much cheaper also. Also you will find more shops have shimano stuff in stock.

Yes the campy cranks are carbon...design is a little old and I would be rather using the stiffer DA cranks!

Most of the support from all the big races are shimano.

And stuff like shifting and brake design, you cant realy beat the Japanies Products! They cant invent anything, but you give them a design and they will make it 1001 times better. Hence better braking and smooth shifting.

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by Gazelleer

zakeen wrote:...They [Shimano] cant invent anything...

indexed shifting, Hyperglide cogs, STI? True, they haven't been that inventive RECENTLY :(

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by pantani83

11 Pro tour teams riding on Campy, 9 on Shimano

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by ShinyBaldy

pantani83 wrote:11 Pro tour teams riding on Campy, 9 on Shimano

meaningless statistics.

Last year - everyone who Podiumed in TdF ride Shimano. Does that mean anything?


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by divve

Fastest guys in the peleton all on Campy and Pettachi only started winning big after switching :)

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Lance Armstrong 6 TDF... SHIMANO :lol:

Anyways, a worker is not to be judged by his tools... It's pretty meaningless...

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by brianwchan

I'm a campy guy, but I think my next bike will be ultegra 10. With dollar like it is against the Euro, campy is just getting too expensive. I mean veloce costs practically as much as ultegra now.

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by Rogeliote

I think that the T-Mobile changed to Shimano to try to beat Armstrong!!
Hey People! I used shimano Da 10 and is fantastic but I test Campy Record and is amazing to!
Would you prefer Porche or Ferrari??? The both are the best cars
And the really I don´t think that the results of the Tour depens that the riders run with Shimano or Campy!

If Armstron had run with Campy He would not have won six tours???

Byee Friendsssss!!!!
8) 8) 8) 8)

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by zoom52

I am thinking that Campy is expensive it does not justify the weight savings.

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by brianwchan

Dura ace 10 spd is very nice, I think that if you are hell bent on saving that 100-200 grams, there are other, more economical and sensible ways of doing it.

by Weenie

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