Tarmac vs. Roubaix

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by boots2000

New Roubaix is a race bike in every sense of the word. It is the bike that most people need (as opposed to want). Yes, it is a bit more relaxed and allows for a higher bar position- but you can get a fairly aggressive position with a -17 stem and no spacers (if you need that).
2014 Roubaix is stiff, light and way more forgiving than a Tarmac. My S-works Roubaix frame was 1050 grams with all the hardware and bb cups and bearings.

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Tinea Pedis
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by Tinea Pedis

boots makes a good point. The position on a Roubaix is not as 'upright' as you might believe, it's just more than the Tarmac.

If your store stocks them and is clearly such a good partner of Specialized's, I highly recommend riding one.

by Weenie

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by cynical

OK here's my update:

I rode 58cm Tarmac and Roubaix and 56cm Venge. The latter was too stiff - annoying as my main events are triathlons! The Tarmac was to stiff for me also - riding cobbles at even a moderate pace had me out of the saddle as the vibration was literally blurring my vision!

So I went for a Roubaix in 56cm to get the front end low (I am in between sizes). It did not feel flexy at all, still stiff, just a little more comfortable.

It'll arrive in a month, cannot wait!

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by kattanm

I've had 2 Roubaixs, 2 Tarmacs, 3 S-Works Tarmacs, and an S-Works Venge. Venge felt noticeably faster than the rest, followed by Tarmac. Roubaix was comfortable but not very nimble feeling and slower.

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