A weenie seatpost: woodman, new ultimate or bold precision?

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by professor

Trying to find the lightest useable carbon seatpost within reason (not the $700 Schmolke or $500 AX lightness, but up to about $300 OK).

I have come to either a woodman CarboEL 27.2 x 300 (about 115g), a New Ultimate carbon of the same size (claimed 106g, 121g actual) or a bold precision Ti 27.2 x 200 (claimed 112g).

Does anyone have experience, good or bad, with any of these? I would like to stay 120g or under. I am particularly worried about the fragile looking clamping mechanism on the woodman and New Ultimate.



by Weenie

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by Herbert

I'd say get either the Bold Precision or the new Lynskey Ti one.


I think the Lynskey is $225

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by azcobbs

i have been riding with a new ultimate for the last 2 years with no problems.
one thing though, i have the fizik k1 saddle and the clamp of the seat post does cut into the braided wrap on the carbon rails

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by djconnel

I was just reviewing this issue. After buying a Becker saddle (which I haven't tried yet) it's getting harder to find obvious places to reduce mass from my bike. But the Thomson Masterpiece is just so solid, with such a secure clamp, it's really hard to justify compromising that for 50 grams, especially when you look at carbon-railed saddles which are simply going to be a lot happier with a distributed clamping force than with one of these minimalist things which clamp the rails in two discrete locations.

In the Thomson post tuning thread, WHO designs reported on a very trick Thomson seat post clamp which saves 30 grams off that already competitive post (180 grams for 31.6mm x long):

150 grams it right down into the New Ultimate range. I look forward to reliability reports on that clamp, however.

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by mdeth1313

I just picked up an xx-light -- more than $300, but 89g in 31.6mm x 250.
Still, much less than ax-lightness and much easier on carbon rails.
xx-light sp31001a.JPG
xx-light sp3100a.jpg

by Weenie

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by professor

Wow, the xx-light post is really elegant!
Maybe I should wait a while and save up some cash...

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