FD-R9100 low limit problem

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by ave

I've just installed 9100 on a Cervelo S5 frame (both new), and I have a problem with low gears.
I can't get the derailleur to move towards the frame enough to clear the chain when on the biggest sprockets.
Actually I'm already rubbing when using the 2nd biggest, see photo below.
I am using an FSA K-Force Light Power2max 24mm chainset using FSA's own BBright adapter.
The same crankset is okay in a LOOK586SL (with FD-9000, but that's BSA) and in an '12 Cervelo S5 frame too. (with FD-7800)
The limit screw is fully out. Actually trimming from the normal low position does not move the cage at all, just slacks the cable.
One "solution" I can think of is to tilt the cage inwards, but then I'll have problems in high gears, as it's just about right there now.
Another solution is to move the inner ring away from the frame somehow. (possibly the whole crankset, but it's K-Force Light, not possible to add a spacer at all.
Is there a "standard" where the chain should be straight between the big ring and whatever sprocket at the back?

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by stormur

you should move FD cage inward enough to get few( 2 at min ) mm inbetween cage and chain ( chain on small front ring and largerst sprocket ). That's a "norm".

Obviosuly on DS crank is to close to frame if you can't. Compatibility issue.

I assume you have weavy washer on drive side...

Explain why you can't add any spacer on DS ?
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by ave

There are no spacers, at all. If I add the wavy washer on the non drive side, which is sometimes required, the crank "binds", does not rotate freely. Without any washers it's spot on, no side to side play, and spins freely.
This crankset is secured by one bolt only, there's no adjustment possibility at all, like on a Dura Ace crank.

THe bolt is like on this one. https://ssli.ebayimg.com/images/g/-dcAA ... -l1600.jpg

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by Multebear

I just installed 9100 on my 2014 SS hi-mod Dale. Did a lot af adjusting without any luck my self. Finally took it to the best bike mechanic in town. But no matter how long he tried to adjust the FD, he couldn't remove the rub against the FD in at least one position. Either there was rub in the lowest or highest gear combination, or in one of the two cross chain positions. I decided to let it rub when in the big chainring and the biggest rear sprocket and be done with it. It's an amazing groupset besides this. And I guess 11-speed isn't made for mechanic groupset. When I ran 10 speed Dura Ace mechanic, there was no problem.

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