G-Race Saddle 118 grams (seat and seatpost combination)

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by Jago

A friend of mine is the builder of g-race products (www.g-race.nl). He is specialized in making carbon products. His new project is a seat and seatpost combination. The saddle that I tested weights 118 grams. I have used this saddle for a couple of weeks now and the thing that amazes me the most, besides it’s beautiful appearance, is the comfort! It’s really astonishing.
I wanted to share this with every weight-weenie because I think this is going to be a great product. It’s still in it’s early stage and I think it’s already very promising. For example my friend told me that the seat-seatpost combinations can go below 100 grams. He just built one that is little above 100 gram, and he is still improving...
If I know more I’ll let you guys know :)
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by brianwchan

Wow, pretty awesome saddle. Looks expensive. Does anyone else think the carbon weave looks like armadillo skin?

by Weenie

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by asphaltdude

Whow it looks cool!
Very smart and logical way to construct a seat-seatpost combination!
Whow! That's a pretty damn nice garage door!

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by jersievers

Seems amaxingly expensive to manufacture. Would the saddle come in different angles and for-aft adjustments, as well as lenght and diameter. Seems like the only was to make would be, to charge $1000 and make one offs.

I guess my question is with adjustability.

Oh, yeah...that thing is freaking brilliant.

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by bobalou

Well, I'll go ahead and say what others must be thinking .. how can I get one and how much will it cost? :D

Also, will there be any 1) weight restrictions 2) custom configurations?

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by Jago

Yes there will be custom configurations. The saddle that are built now have bin adjusted the riders. So it is produced in different angels. The length can also be adjusted to your demand. The diameter of the saddle is now only with the standard diameter of 27,2. But the builder is working on that.

For example how my saddle was made: I drew my saddle/seatpost combination on a paper and I included the angel and the length of the seatpost.
So it’s exactly the same as I always rode, only the whole combination weights less then half of the saddle that I used to ride :)
And… It’s even more comfortable...

The weight can go below 100 grams. We are not sure how much lower we can go. The product is still in an development stage. There will be some restrictions, but as we are still testing, we are not sure yet.

As far for the price there is nothing certain, but we will keep you up to date.

On more fact:
The builder rides a combination now that weights 127 gram. And he weights 87 kg :)

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by bobalou

Sounds great! What kind of time frame is being planned for this? Any possibility you'd make them available first to some weight weenies as a test market. :D

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by cadence90

For a prototype, at least in the photos, that thing looks incredibly well-crafted.
Are there any more photos/close-ups/underside other than those on the website? The shell looks so thin!

Jago wrote:On more fact:
The builder rides a combination now that weights 127 gram. And he weights 87 kg :)

OK! I weigh 90kg so I will take one that weighs 131.38g!!! :D
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Samu Ilonen
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by Samu Ilonen

That G' desing look very FRESH! Good that not everybody donn't do it same way.

I think I do my own seat/post combo too. But it' very different than that, closer to Tune... That would be easylly ~125g or something.

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by Michiel

Very nice looks AND refreshing new design.
I however will stick to my New Ultimate seatpost and AX-lightness saddle post combination weighing at about 165 grams. The idea that I will not be able to adjust anything but height makes me a bit scared. This means you have to sell you frame incl. seatpost-saddle combo, or you have to find a frame that has exact the same angles and measurements than the one you own... Or you have to spend like a 700 Euro again :?

But again, it looks very sharp :thumbup:

big fellow
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by big fellow

SUPERB :wink:

King Weel
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by King Weel

Because of the background and the looks of the combi, every time i am sliding down to read, the photo look like a nice woman's ass with a G-string, G-race because of that... :D Maybe I have to talk to my girlfriend, but whatever, this piece looks very sexy! Beautifully crafted!
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by Cyco

I want one! That is seriously sexy 8)
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by Luc

Simply Splendid... :shock:

Another one for me, please !

Pollice verso.

by Weenie

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by Dellucci

Very cool , but what about price and delivery time?Do you have the correct Intersite from this man or phone nr.?

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