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by Zak


I have a Specialized Pave Carbon seatpost and it is too long. So I want to cut it, but in the instruction manual it says you shouldn't. Can anyone explain to me why it is a problem?

I have tried mailing Specialized but they don't answer.

by Weenie

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by DaveS

There are a few posts that are internally butted (thinner) in some areas to reduce weight. Clamping such a post in the thin walled area can be a problem, but cutting off excess length won't change where the post is clamped.

Just be sure that you leave the same amount of post below the clamp as you now have below the max. height line (usually 7-7.5cm).

Use a sharp 24-32 tpi hacksaw blade, carbide grit blade or dremel cutoff tool to make the cut.

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by Danton

...and sand the end of the post with fine emery paper to ensure a smooth area to the cut. Ideally put some tape around the post where you want to cut and cut through this and make sure you vacuum up the dust quickly, it's not healthy. Search this forum for more tips on cutting CF.

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