Maintenance of Zero Gravity Brakes

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by Michiel

Anyone know if the OG'04 brakes need specific maintenance after a year riding them?
Can they be disassembled, should they be :?:
Should certain points be lubricated and if so, what lube to use? :noidea:

Rubbing the pads etc. is normal maintenance, I'm just curious if other owners do something special.

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by Stolichnaya

I have been washing them carefully with a soft bristle tooth brush as part of regularly scheduled bike washing. I have used standard teflon bike lube in the joints, just a drop. The ZG website does not provide any detailed explanation re: special maintenance, so I assume that they can be handled just like a Campy brakeset.

by Weenie

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by sharkman

They can be dissasembled but getting them back together is not that easy (and the results won't be better than it was).
They don't need the same maintenance as Campy brakes (at least the record ones, these have ball bearings which need to be greased once in a while, that is when they regularly get wet).
Best way for the zero's is to clean them with a piece of cloth and after that oil (not teflon!) the moving points on a regular basis (carefull no oil gets on the rims). Ones a year you could rinse the brakes with warm water dry they carefully and add oil afterwards.

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by rustychain

Why not use teflon on the pivots ?

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by sharkman

Well first off all you need a product that will protect the bearings against corrosion (teflon does not) and give lubrification to the bearings. Oil will do both.
Teflon is nice to protect large surfaces from dirt getting grip on it (in winter you can protect your complete frame with it).
It's not that bad if a product contains a bit op teflon as long as the main substance is oil (same goes for your chain, best mix I found so far is a mix of Rohloff oil and dry lube).
Furthermore I don't like Teflon on brakes since for my taste It's too near to the pads/rims and the slightest bit of teflon makes braking allmost impossible (and it's really hard to remove).

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by manny

If you want to know just call Ted at ZG, he'll tell you.

by Weenie

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by popawheelie

Are you talking about Teflon or silicone?

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