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by etownfwd

I have a pair of A-One's and I can't say enough about the stiffness and power transfer of these shoes. However, like many others I've had some issues with fit and finish on these shoes.

The microfiber upper at the back of the heel is beginning to peel away from the carbon heel "bathtub". I don't think it's worth it to go through Bont's warranty claim for this, so I wanted to ask you guys what you would recommend to re-glue this down before the upper pulls away further. Any suggestions, especially from the carbon-heads here, would be tremendously appreciated! Thanks!


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by rustychain

Heat with a hair dryer until soft and press it into place until cool.
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by Weenie

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by etownfwd

Thank you, @rustychain! I knew someone would around WW would know. But, I have to ask... no adhesive needed? I'll give it a shot this evening.


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by kresyzig

etownfwd wrote:Thank you, @rustychain! I knew someone would around WW would know. But, I have to ask... no adhesive needed? I'll give it a shot this evening.


I think it might have been a reply to gumgardner that rustychain sent...

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by rustychain

No added adhesive, it will stick fine as long as you get it hot enough and press it in place while it cools. Oven mitt is not a bad idea
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by carbon2329

Has anyone else had this issue?

I really like Bont shoes. I like the look, feel, and uniqueness. I have only worn them for about 6 months (winter training), so not a lot yet. I have A-one's (now broken, due to crash) and I went ahead and got the Vaypor Premiums and regualar Vaypors. I like having a spair set for a variety of reasons.

But my concern is:

My A-ones have fit well (size 41) bit my 2nd & 3rd biggest toes seem to hit the front of the shoe and when I stand on the bike and pedal they slide forward(a little) and hit more. Tired the 42's on at Interbike and they seemed definatly too big and quite big above the foot to the toes, if that makes sense (way to roomy in the toe box).
So I thought they were just fine and figured the 41's would work (so I went ahead and got the same size in the Premiums & regular Vaypors). But it seems that the Vaypors are even a smaller (not much). SO NOW I AM ALWAYS WONDERING, NOW THAT THE SEASON IN UNDERWAY, THAT I WILL EVENTAULLY HAVE TOE ISSUES BECAUSE THEY HIT THE FRONT OF THE SHOE (JUST A LITTLE). So I am considering returing the Premiums and Regular Vaypors, because once I put cleats on and ride I cannot return them.

I have molded them like crazy. But is just seems that with the Bont's, the "carbon tub" of the sole (in the toe box) does not bend and flex like other shoes, who's toes are fabric (obiouse I know). So when you have snug shoes, instead of the toes pushing against soft (more flexable) fabric, they push up against a solid carbon wall. So they seem like it's not a good fit for me.

But the 42's are too big, and no LBS has any real stock; so no one has a 42 for me to try. So I either take the chace with $900 + worth of shoes. Or return them/sell them and keep looking.

I am real bummed about this. I quess some shoes just don't fit. I was fighting against my own desire to use them. Bont is a great company in my opinion, I have a story where they were very good to me (customer service-wise), so I am not trying to complain about them.

I just wanted to seen if the "carbon-tub" has been an issue for others in the toe area, due to the fact it dosen't flex like a toe that is made of fabric(most other shoes).

I am calling the LBS to let them know I am returning them, I am hoping they will order a 42 for me to try. It is worth a try. I really like them. The silver/fiber premiums are realy nice looking.

Just my experience.

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by runningDoc

^just try bont size 42 with different (thicker insoles). the insoles supplied with their shoes are very thin. try insoles from your older shoes or other running shoes and you'll see that you can make the shoes up to a size smaller with thicker insoles.

once you get the fit right with thicker insoles you can then poke/drill air vent holes just like the ones you replaced.

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by Grimpeur

+1 on thicker insoles. Mine are quite a bit too roomy with the stock insoles as well, but my custom orthotics fill in that space nicely, and they're also adding extra support.
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by gumgardner

Carbon2329...was it you that bought the custom carbon molded insoles? How do you like them?

Johnny Rad
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by Johnny Rad

Yes, my 3rd and 4th toes used to hit the end of the toe box of my Vaypor shoes. I successfully used the rounded butt end of a scewdriver to open it up. Good luck.

By the way, what about a half size instead of moving up a full size?

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by ajh

so I am trying a pair again as I could not resist a pair from bonktown at 130. I needed something as I have to warranty my SIDI's as they are falling apart again after only one season. The last pair of SIDI's did the same thing in the same places and I only got 2 seasons out of them.

I also tried a 41 which is the exact measure of my feet according to the Bont sizing chart and not a 42 that I tried last time.

My toes on my longer foot touched the end of the shoe before molding and the heal was too wide.

After molding all is well with the length as I was able to squish the heal and get more length out of them.

The volume is perfect this time as well. With the 42 the straps were too short after molding.

I will start testing the shoe in the coming week with some of my shorter rides and give a review in the next week.

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by maxima

Got my 2nd pair of Bont - this time I ordered the new 2011 A2 which have the same Vaypor Like frontal air holes at the front. The design is very different from current A1. I ordered the "WIDE" size 42 + the extra Bont Straps which is longer by 3cm. The Shoe not fit "Perfect", :thumbup: but my custom eSole insole is now too narrow.

Anyone can recommend a Intl Sidas insole seller online?

The fit on the A2 is 'MUCHER" better than the A1 or the Vaypor by a fair bit -> At Least for my Feet! I've a typical Asian Feet of Higher Arch, Wide and Skinny :beerchug: Sounds like the Leg of ET

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by bruno2000

I have a pair of the Bont Vaypor WCE shoes.
I like the stiffness of it a lot although it will take time for my feet to adapt to the fact they are completely captured in the shoe.
My only rpoblem is the heel-cup which cut in the back of my feet.
Can you adjust/mold that cup in anyway?

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by MattSoutherden

Now I've been back on the bike for a few weeks after 4 months out with knee problems, I've had a chance to put some miles on my semi-custom A1s.

Overall, the fit is good. It's great to have a pair of shoes there both the left and right fit my feet. My left foot is about 5mm smaller than the right, so I sent off foot tracings to Bont and they made a pair to match my feet.

The one problem I have is with heel retention. The heal cup just doesn't hold my foot down securely enough. In order to prevent and heal lift, I'd have to crank down so tight on the main strap that it cuts off the circulation in my feet and they go numb in about 10 minutes. When heat moulding them, I've tried squashing in the bathtub with a g-clamp to hold it in place while they cool, and which this is an improvement it's not solved the issue.

Compared to practically every other shoe I've looked at, the Bont has no padding around the side lip of the heel cup. Allied to the fairly slick lining fabric, this allows my heal to slip around.

My solution at the moment is to cut out 2 shaped strips of fabric covered shock-absorbing insole and place them inside the heal. I've thinned away the backing material behind the achilles so they don't affect the fit. This seems to work pretty well, and after a few more tweaks to the shape I may glue them in place. But this all seems a bit unnecessary for a pair of top-end shoes.
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by Weenie

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by dwaharvey

Can anyone here comment on fit differences between the wide and standard Vaypors? I have a wide foot, but of course my local store only carries the standards so that's what I had to try on. For me the 42.5 was an awesome fit length-wise on my smaller foot, but my toes just touched the end on the bigger foot. I'm wondering though when I got to the wider shoe whether I'm likely to feel more length from the shoe and should stick with the 42.5, or whether I should move up to the 43? I tried on a pair of the latest A1s in the 43 (store didn't have Vaypors in that size) and they seemed OK, but perhaps a little longer than I'd normally opt for in an ideal world. Thanks for any advice!

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