Mavic Ksyrium SL - broken spoke

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by clerambault

One of the spokes on the right side of the rear wheel (Ksyrium SL) broke after only 2909 km! :?

Any experiences??? :?:

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by bbtheory

I have two sets of Mavic wheels and have broken a spoke here and there, but your post really doesn't have enough information to give you a response that will help. I.E. How an where did the spoke break? did you hit something? is the spoke broken in the middle, at the rim, etc.? What is your weight? Do your wheels flex when climbing standing in the pedals?

by Weenie

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by clerambault

Thank you for your answer! :D

1. the spoke broke after accelerating after a curve
2. I was sitting but have accelerated while I was standing
3. the spoke broke at the rim
4. I didn't hit something immediatly before, but the street was not very goog - many potholes!
5. my weight is 72 kg
6. I don't know if the rims are flexing while climbing, I will have a look at...

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by Ghastly

had the same problem, but a little more mileage on the wheels.

The spoke also broke with the acceleration after a curve, but on nice asphalt roads. The wheel was not true anymore, but my lbs just put a new one in at the cost off 10euro...

Problem solved and the wheels are still turning! (3500k's since then...)

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by bbtheory

this spoke breakage sounds rather reasonable to me... this kind of thing will happen, and just under 3k km is a reasonable amount of time for it to happen with less than ideal roads... roads where I live are not good (near Washington D.C.), combine that with the fact that traffic forces you over obstacles you would rather avoid and the spokes get broken.

Like ghastly says have the spoke replaced and the wheel trued and you should be fine, probably for close to another 3k km or more. You also gotta remember that with nice road wheels (lightweight) a broken spoke (or wheel) is more likely than with a garden variety wheel.

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by DaveS

3Km on a spoke is not normal or acceptable life. I've run over 12,000 and never broken a Ksyrium spoke yet. With any luck, it will just turn out to be a bad spoke. If it keeps happening, the spoke tension should be checked. Loose spokes will cause repeated detensioning and early failure.

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by airsoft510

My teammate broke a spoke during the last lap of a crit... It sucked, his front wheel was wobling like crazy and he had to sprint for the finish.. but he made it without problem.

He said the spoke broke when he hit a pothole or something

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by Gregorio

I have had 2 sets of Ksyrium SLs with about 20,000miles on one set and 7500 on the other. lost one spoke between the two sets( front wheel)
maybe just bad luck or a defect in it or something. I dont think it is a regular or ongoing problem. I also have a set of Crossmax mtb wheels with the same type of spokes. They seem very strong. I have lost a few on those wheels though but usually do to large sticks or something like that ripping through the wheel.
One thing I did notce was the bearings in my older Ksyrium SL set became very sloppy. I had the rear bearings replace but the rear wheel always creaked after that. I dont know if it was bearings or spokes loosening up a little or what but I felt that I got my moneys worth so I bought another set.
I dont understand why some on this forum dislike them, is it because they are not all that light or because they are popular and ,many people ride them.
I would always recommend them.

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by Tristan

DaveS wrote:3Km on a spoke is not normal or acceptable life.

3Mm? :wink:
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by Tugboat

I broke a spoke on a Ksyrium wheel with only about 2000km on it last week... although admittedly it happened as a result of riding over a fallen rider during a crash in the sprint. :shock:

The spoke is the least of my worries. I ended up going over the handlebars at around 60km/h and now have a fractured back.

Never had any other spoke worries with Ksyrium wheels though and I've owned three sets.
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by vxracer

Ouch! Good luck with recovery

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legs 11
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by legs 11

Sorry to hear about your back tugboat, recover quickly. :wink:
These spokes are a nightmare, the wheels are neither very reliable or either very light or stiff.
I just don't get the ksyrium, follow the crowd thing?
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by 1 Lite Ghisallo

Hardly...I raced for a team that was sponsored by Mavic. The Sl's were the wheels of choice for at least six of us. I only know of one person that had any problem with his spokes. Mine have only needed to be trued once and they have at least 20,000 miles on them. The crash I took resulted in another rider snapping his Cannondale and myself getting a nifty scar on the back of my calf. The SL's are not that light but they will take a pretty good beating.
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by MaaseyRacer

My Ksyriums SL3s have about 20,000 miles on them are just over a year old, and the only spoke related issues with them seem to be that one of the spokes seems to twist around, and need to be moved back. I have marked the spoke with tape and have keep an eye on it. Other than that, no truing has been done.
Other than that I have had to lube the bushing seal after about 15,000 miles. The wheels run as good as new. I know a lot of people rip on the Ksyriums and the Mavics. I have done as much maintenance to these wheels as any of the other 5 pairs I own if not less. I really like these wheels for training, and before the Reynolds I raced crits with them.
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by Weenie

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by stilldt

I know the K's aren't well liked here, but mine have been trouble free for a few years. Not the fastest wheel, but durable for sure. You might just have bad luck.

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