New Ultimate ISIS Scandium BB

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by cadence90

I'm not questioning his (bdseaman's) honesty or goodness. This isn't about him.
I just asked if he knows if it's the same person, given the statements.
You, RA, have been on the forum for awhile, and post in many contexts.
This poster bdseaman is new, triple posts the same message, with no real positive id, etc. and I find that a bit strange.
If it is not the same person, then those are obviously very radical allegations....
If it is by some chance the same person, then I still don't understand reason for the velocity and ferocity of these postings: there is no context of complaint against Mark of Spada-USA anywhere on this forum, nothing approaching the allegations, of several years ago by the way, made by bdseaman. These posts just appeared out of the blue.
I've personally never experienced a single negative issue of delivery of product from SpadaUSA, and I don't know of anyone else here who has, so why are these postings appearing now? In what contaxt exactly?
I just think one should be careful, provide real backup and frankly state their own real name before calling out someone else (an individual) on a public forum.
For me, this isn't only about "Mark" whoever, it's about an ethics of communication in public places. There are previous threads on this forum and others where certain companies/individuals were criticized harshly, but never, even then, were people's actual names used. Would all of us post our real names here? I doubt it, for reasons of privacy; then I believe equal right to privacy is deserved by all, unless an extreme circumstance of public knowledge obtains.
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by Weenie

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by Superlite


This thread is about New Ultimate BB, not any other brand or about bad customer experiences. Take this elsewere.

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by bdseaman

I happen to stumble upon this forum and was checking out some of the posts. I had never heard of Spada and started doing some searching. I few things alerted me that it might be Mark Hoskin. Did another search on him and did turn up some things. I even emailed Mark at that email address.

My team was ripped off for over a thousand dollars. This wasn't sponsorship money, this was team member's money. This was some of my money, so yes I have a beef with Mark Hoskin, and i would like to warn everyone else to not do business with him, or do it at your own risk. Like I said, you might have smooth business with him and no problems. Before our team got ripped off, we bought a few wheelsets form Mark (Fir-Edco) and besides a crappy buildjob, we did get what we paid for. But I think it was all to set us up for a bigger scam on the frames. Actually I don't think Mark intends to cheat people, he just is a horrible business man and a compulsive liar so when things get bad money wise, he just keeps lying and stalling to buy time.

My name is Brad Seaman, and the team he ripped off a few years ago was Charlotte Sports Cycling, of which I was a manager of that team then. Personally I would like to see Mark out of the cycling industry period. You can look at the first link I posted to see my story and everyone else's story about how Mark either stole their money, or they eventually had to settle for a lesser product or finally got what they had ordered months later. Caveat Emptor

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by Florian


bdseaman: 1st warning for 3x posting.
See my reply here: ... php?t=3058
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by MaLóL


I thinks there´s toooooooooo much talking about the new isis bb.



spada seems to be over 165 gr real.

and after seen this pics we can start to talk about stiffnes reliability etc etc...

Happy trails !!!!!

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by Superlite


I thinks there´s toooooooooo much talking about the new isis bb.



Excuse me? :roll:

This thread is on ISIS BB, the new ultimate, NOT the spada, and there are pics already up with weights.

Please read the whole post before making a post.

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by nino

as i already said above we need some pictures for "proof" and if some people talk about even lighter BBs than the New Ultimate then they should show it to us. as simple as that.
i have the New Ultimate and also another one of the same original manufacturer in a 3 bearing version which i posted above. i'm really curious to see the 20g lighter "ceramic-hybrid" bearings that the talk was about above...

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