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by superlightweight

Having read the other thread on the Principia prototype i had a look at some of their current frames - they certainly look very nice but does anyone have any experience of riding them?

The ellipse weave looks like it may be suitable for my aim of building a light, stiff racing bike over the winter - and it is competitively priced. Does anyone ride one who can give some feedback?

I also searched the forum and read that there are effectively 2 different Principia brands - are the bikes themselves completely different? Is one brand better than the other??

Any info is greatly appreciated!

2 wheels
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by 2 wheels

superlightweight wrote:are the bikes themselves completely different?

They are different, but I wouldn't say completely different since they are both based on the designs and technologies of the original Principia brand which went bankrupt some years ago. Both of the new Principia brands own the rights for the orignal drawings and design. Based on this they have each independently developed their own new designs and introduced carbon versions (the original Principia brand was alloy only frames).
They two new brands still share some signature Prinicipia design features like "Design 2 Size", the ellipse shaped bottom bracket and headtube for increased stiffness and cables going through the headtube etc.

The Princpia of Denmark brand (the one with the new prototype bike you mention) is only allowed to be sold in Scandinavia.

Principia International on the other hand are only allowed to be sold outside Scandinavia, but inside Scandinavia you can buy the exact same frames under another brand name: Boreas.
Boreas was originally another Danish bike brand founded by the designer(s) of the original Principia brand, wo had left Principia. But now Principia and Boreas has crossed roads again.

As you can see the Boreas website and bikes are completely identical to Principia International except for the name:

Boreas is the name they have in Scandinavia because Principia of Denmark owns the rights for the name in Scandinavia.
In the rest of the world the it's named Principia instead of Boreas.

Principia of Denmark:

The full story of the two different Principia brands: ... 781#137781

by Weenie

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