Diadora Veloce or Nalini Flystorm?

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by ElDuderino

It's time for a new shoe.........Nalini lists weight for a size 43 at 560g/pair...I can't find a listing for the Diadoras anywhere. Both shoes look aesthetically pleasing, and I have heard great things about the Diadoras as far as comfort and stiffness are concerned. Any input here would be appreciated.

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by Princers6pe

Its got to be Rocket 7 all the way.

I got a pair about 4 weeks ago and they fly.

They are very light 310g for the pair in size 41 (small I know), and the stiffness is mad, the sole and heel are all one peice of carbon.

I found my foot speed was a little faster as the rotational weight is a lot less.

Shoes are such a personal thing when it comes to looks and size, go with what you like and what fits the best its 33.3333333% of your contact area so its got to be right.

Dont forget about weight its all got to be moved.
Be humble, cycle.

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by Weenie

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by wally318

Sorry, I know this is getting away from the original topic but I'd like to know. Are they your shoes that weigh 310 grams in size 41? Which model are they and which pedal system is the sole set up for? What is your weight? Did they make the shoe a bit lighter in the sole because you weigh less or have very narrow feet? They claim weights of 170-80+ grams for size 40. That's why I ask.

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by Princers6pe

Yes the pair of shoes weight 310g this does not include cleat and bolts, I weight 63kg, I do have narrow feet.

The model is the road shoe.

I dont know if having narrow feet makes a difference.

My pedal set up is Shimano DA SPD SL.

This is less than the clamied weight I dont know why? I did not ask for anything special. But I am very happy.

I have no worries in recomending these shoes, they are the best weight saving upgrade I have made so far, around half the weight of my Shimano shoes.

Hope this helps.
Be humble, cycle.

I was the Prince i am now The Carbon Kid.

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by Paul_nl

Those rocket 7 shoes look sweeeeeeeeet!!! 8)

I will save 220gram changing to rocket 7 cycling shoes :lol:


by Weenie

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by popawheelie

Vittoria shoes have always looked good and they are on the lighter side.
I went to thier site and they claim a weight of 530 grams. I guess most lighter shoes are around that weight.
The Rockets must be using less conventional materials/techniques to get the weight down. They start at $ 360 and go up to $ 500 for full custom.
At $360 they aren't that much more than high end shoes.

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