Zipp bearings - how easy to change?

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by Mr.Gib

I have heard that a bearing press is needed. I can think of innovative ways to tap new bearings into place but how do you get the old ones out? Or is this something best left to the professionals?

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by Hyde

If your not mechanically experienced with this sort of thing take it to someone who is. The right tools always make the job simpler & safer in about 25% of the time :wink:

by Weenie

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by marko

The old bearings can make great tools to insert the new ones. The outside will be what you would tap on to put in the new bearing for instance. Of course you only want to press on the part that is in contact with what's holding it. If you side load, say the center, you can ruin the bearing. The old ones may or may not be hard to get out. On campy where I coudn't get a puller or tap with a driver, I had to heat up the outside of the part and the bearing would drop right out.

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by retemple

You can do it yourself w/ minimal investment (much less than a shop would charge you).

To remove the bearings, just buy a drift w/ about the same ID as the bearing. I got a nice brass drift from a tool shop for about $6. Just tap them out carefully.

To install, I made a ghetto bearing press. I got some metric all-thread that is the same diameter as the axle. I bought a 1M section of rod and just cut about 200mm off. I then bought some nuts and washers (that have the same ID and OD as the bearing, or use old bearings). I locked two nuts to the end of the all-thread and locked it in a vice. I then stacked my washer the new bearing, the hub, new bearing, and a washer and theaded a nut on the other end. Tightened it together, and voila. A cheap bearing press that ensures proper alignment. I just did this for the rear Zipp hub (12mm od) but you could do the same for the front).

I've got extra parts, maybe I should throw some more presses together and sell them....

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by bc909

You can get a bearing puller from your local shop at QBP, or order from It looks like Image. This article shows you how to use it.

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