Parlee frames in Europe.

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by mrowkoob

Right I´m buying my first carbon frame. The Scott Cr1 is leading the pack as favourite. Now I found this bike, the Parlee. Anyon ridden one? Anyone selling them in Europe? Price?
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by Weenie

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by Joel

You can e-mail Parlee, but I think you have to order the bike directly from the company. Price is +2500 euro.

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by piotrbr

I don't have one, but I've ridden them...Great frames, priced to compare with Calfee and other custom carbon frames, but both lighter and stiffer. Tyler Hamilton rode one (disguised) during the Giro a couple years ago. Search to check it out.

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by CP

I have two Parlee's. Beautiful bikes and the ride is awesome. You can deal directly with Bob Parlee. The frames are outstanding!

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by mises

Andy at Poshbikes told me a few months ago they were going to be importing Parlee, not sure when it was supposed to happen though.

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