Bottle Cage: which one?

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by benz76

I have to buy new bottle cages: which one do you suggest me?

"model 1":


"model 2":


"model 3":


Please do not suggest me Campy Record: they're too much expensive!

Thenks, Benz.

by Weenie

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by asphaltdude

Whow! That's a pretty damn nice garage door!

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by 8oken


I bought 2 bottle cages like model 1 two months ago. They are very light (9 grs each) and the bottles are very well kept into. They are quite solid. The only bad thing is the fact they cut the bottles. Not a real cut but the bottom of the bottles are dammaged.


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by morrisond

Who makes #2 and what does it weigh?

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by Superlite

None of the above!

The best carbon cage is the Arundle cage. Weighs 30g, no the lightest, but it works the way a bottle cage should work, no bottle launches, holds tight, easy in and out, and looks cool. MSRP of only $40 you can't go wrong.

Model 1 is a joke, because you can only use special bottles with it.

Model 2 is alright, I've had a set of these, only to have them both brake after 1000 miles, wern't that great anyways, poor craftsmanship, cut by hand, looks very sloppy in person, not clean like they show you. Didn't hold bottles great either, but the lightest functioniong cage.

Thrid one is a piece, heavy, and in my opinion ugly.

Go arundle, you'll be happy you did. It's a no fuss cage that's sweet to look at. Hell, I'll be getting a set once some money rolls in. ... at_id=7608

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by cyclemanpat

model #1 works great........I have used them for 2 seasons now and they work perfect!!

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Frankie - B
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by Frankie - B

I, unlike SL, like #1 very much!

SL wrote:Model 1 is a joke, because you can only use special bottles with it.

Not a joke, it works great!, but will only hold bottles made by tacx. The weight is 9 grams with Al. screws! There is a lighter one made of aramid. only 6 grams with screws!
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by cyclemanpat

the aramid model isn't good...too flexible, I broke one last season.

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by TB

I have a pair of #2 and I love them. I agree that the craftsmanship could be better, but mine have been working great for two seasons. They hold any bottle well (I have never bounced a bottle out of them), and they are super light.

Bill F
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by Bill F

Have you looked at the Storck Carbon Cages. I don't see them on their internet site. I bought two through one of their dealers last November. Very nicly made and very attractive. If memory serves me correct they are around 25 - 28 grams each. I don't have pictures but if you want I'll acquire and post.

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by Joel

Model 1 is a joke, because you can only use special bottles with it.

I think 50% of the peloton is using Tackx bottles which fit number one, so not really a big problem

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by simonali

I use these. 30g so not super light.

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by nikh

28g strong and light...King cage ti model.


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I second the Arundel. Great cage that actually works to perfection. It looks good, is pretty light, and you can now get them in a variety of accent colors (not the cage, but the logo is colored).

Anyway, if you must choose from the three you mention, #2 looks like the best option.


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by Scapin/Dean

I just bought a pair of Forte (Performance) carbon cages for $20, each. Weight is 30g and price is very competitive. I'll use my hair drier to remove the Forte and put on a Campy or other decal (just kidding).

I also bought a pair of their stainless cages for $20. Weight is 32g, so is just fine for my "heavy" (sub-20 pound) Scapin flatland ride.
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by Weenie

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