Time for new Shoes....help!

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by TonyM

One of the best cycling shoes: BONT :smartass:
STIFF sole, anatomic shape, etc....


However some people have problems with the Bont shoes on long rides due to their stiffness. I personally LOVE them. Even in the hot summer with rides up to 7-8 hours.

by Weenie

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by Tinea Pedis

topflightpro wrote:
Sat Jan 13, 2018 1:03 pm
Go custom. I'm very happy with my Riivos.
Obviously I am a little biased, given I own VeloKicks, but making the first suggestion outside of those mentioned to be custom is wild :lol:

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by eric01

Try Shimano, they have a relatively roomy toe box. I switched to Shimano a few years back and haven't looked back. Just picked up a pair of SPhyres that fit really well.
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by halcyongolf

So on a lark I went for Lake CX301 wides because I got a great great deal on them. I'm only 200 miles into them, but so far they fit my feet well. The CX/TX race last on the 301s are much better on my feet than the last on the Lake 237 which was a bit sloppy for me in the heel. The forefoot is roomy and wider than a Shimano wide on my feet, but the arch and the heel area are more narrow than the 237s. I'm not a huge fan of the closure system as the single Boa dial and the thin tongue don't allow me to adjust the fit quite the way I like it, but it's not bad at all. Given my experience with the CX/TX race last, I might be going for a pair of CX332s in the near future. Thanks everyone.

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by vinc

I went for a pair of NorthWaves this year Image

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by muti

Suplest shoes are one of my best cycling decisions! I have narrow heel and widish toe, 46 fit me perfectly!
Size comparison :
-Sidi 47 (mostly due to narrow toe box)
-Shimano 47 (don't like the big curve of the sole, I like flat soles)
-dmt 46 (I tinny bit of rubbing on the big toe)
-Fizik 46 (a bit roomier lengthwise,my feet are 297cm)
Mavic 462/3 (general tight feeling )
Nortwave 46 normal (spot on but I think the retention system and the overall quality of Suplest are better )
Note of caution :The reflective material on the Suplest does its job extremely well but is also extremely fragile )

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by muti

By the way, nice shoes vinc, the retention system of the Northwaves I was referring to is of the extreme rr model!

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by Boshk

Well there are so many you can choose from.

Shimano RC7, RP9s
Fizik R1b to R5b's
Sidi Wire or Spot
Rapha GT or Climber

I went from Shimano mtb to fizik r3b BUT my feet are getting a bit numb after 50km.....I think it is a bit too narrow for me.

Friends suggest the Rc7 or Sidi Wire (but I have to size up at least 1?) and Rapha's GT shoes which are on sale and cheaper than Sidi.

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by bura

The Suplest Aero (zipper?) look so minimalist and classy IMO. Has someone bought them? How is perfect fit solved? If it is.
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by IrrelevantD

My personal opinion is, if Sidi works for you... stay with Sidi.

I had been riding Giro for a few years but decided to give Fizik a try when I wore out the material in the heel cup. They fit, but they became uncomfortable after about 30-40mi. I think the toe box was just a little narrow and it was causing me to tighten up the muscles in my feet. Switched back to Giro this year, couldn't be happier.

The only caveat I'd give to that is if they change the fit or design significantly. I had Asics do that to me on a pair of running shoes. I had owned 3 generations of the same shoe, but at one point they changed it and it never felt right after that.
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by MiddMan

Just want to bump this thread as I have new shoe question, although I will definitely be sticking with Sidi, so more question of fit:

I have an old pair of Sidi circa 2003 or 4 and still going strong. Planning to get the Sidi Wires, but I’m on fence whether to stay 47 or go 48.

Have Sidi stayed *relatively* similar over the last 15 years? I could order 2 pairs and send back the one that doesn’t fit, but I’m considering ordering from outside the US where cycling shoes aren’t the same price as ski boots! I’m in rural area, so no place to try (not to mention large sizes are rarely stocked).

47 are fine, if slightly snug all around. Not uncomfortably so, but I do feel light numbness after 2.5+ hours. When I finish the ride it’s fine, but wonder if it adds to fatigue overall. On the chart I’m a 48 (US 13) and new Wires have heel adjustments which look great as I have a narrow heel.

Any thoughts?

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by addict

If you like sidi’s these mavics are very good choice!ImageImage

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by Tinea Pedis

Mavic fit nothing like Sidi.

I have multiple pairs of both.

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