New Bike frame help me decide- Scott Foil vs Oltre XR4 vs Aria vs Wilier

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Which bike?

Scott Foil Ultegra @ $3500
Oltre XR4 Frameset @$2800
Bianchi Aria Framset@$2255
Wilier Izoard XP frameset @ $700
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by davidalone

Wrecked my old frame and I have some options- help me decide weightweenies!

have been offered some 'friend' discounts on some framesets and bikes as listed, these are the ones I'm seriously considering.
The Oltre XR4 and the Scott Foil are the standout deals - my heart leans toward the bianchi as it's a gorgeous bike.

However I'd ideally like to spend as little as possible as I'm buying a house- the aria sort of is in between 'spending less' and still having something nice.

The older Wilier Izoard XP is the outlier- its a NOS frame being offered cheap- the thinking here is I can buy something cheap and get a disc brake bike down the road when they become mainstream.

by Weenie

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by cmcdonnell

Bianchi XR4 all the way. The only bike I'd change by XR2 for!
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by Shrike

If heart says XR4 then get the XR4. Build it up with a bunch of cheap crap and ride it like that until after you get the house. You could probably build it for cheaper than the price of the Foil. After you get the house, bling the hell out of it. Something to look forward to.

Foil is no consolation prize though, it's the fastest bike out of them all.

That said, think we all know that if you get the XR4, you'll always be looking at posh finishing kit and it'll chip into your house funds :P

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by Noctiluxx

Bianchi XR4, and its not even close!
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by silvalis

XR4. Looks way better than the Aria and if you got an Aria you'd always be thinking about the XR4. :lol:
Foils are nice, but I dislike those chainstay brakes.
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by TonyM

For the look: Bianchi XR4
For the aero performance: Scott Foil

by Weenie

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