Love the shape of 3T ergonova team bars, HATE the

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by Catagory6

Internal routing holes
Is there a carbon bar like this that doesnt have the internal routing holes?

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by liam7020

Agree completely. The Ergonova was my bar of choice but now with that stupid internal routing I'm searching for an alternative. 3T, if you're listening - why?
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by TonyM

Why is the internal routing a problem for your builds?

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by liam7020

Put simply, it's a needless pain in the arse.
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by Daniel1975

Couldn’t agree more. Internal routing is idiot with this bar. Very very difficult to get a mechanical groupset installed.

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by themidge

Couldn't you just... not use the internal routing? I don't see how you wouldn't be able to rout the cables under the bar tape like with a normal bar. :noidea:
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by Calnago

Can you just bypass the internal routing altogether? That’s what I did with a friends bike because like some of you guys, I despised the internal routing. Once it was all taped up it was fine. As much as I prefer a perfectly tuned mechanical drivetrain, it’s really rare that you can achieve that perfection when dealing with tight bends and forced routing, not to mention the installation difficulties.

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by RyanH

Look for older gen Ergonovas. They're lighter and only have a cable groove below. I think my non-internal Ergonovas were between 180-190g vs 205g for the Stealth.

For those wondering why, the routing on the Ergonovas is particularly bad and will almost certainly induce cable drag.
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by sooni

Agreed. Love the bars but I dont see any reason to route internally. I had to switch to Yokozuna casing to get rid of the brake cable drag, but boy were they difficult to install. Incredible pain in the ass.

Some companies have grooves that hide the cables under the bartape which is a lot more user friendly.

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by tommasini

While the internal routing is a little tough it can be tackled. In my case I wanted to ditch the bar tape on the oval tops so I sold off my older (recessed) Ergonova’s. The trick learned (campy levers) was first have the cable housings though the internal path and have them hanging out the lever hole about an inch or so more than necessary. Insert them into the the levers ( levers not attached to the bars) and install the inner cables - attaching them so they are under tension via the derailleurs. The inners under tension help hold the outer housing in place to the levers. Then with the lever band clamp in place wiggle the lever/cables to the bar and bolt the lever in place. In might be a bit of trouble that some would want to avoid - but in my case the clean looks of bare carbon bar tops make the extra 5 minutes (total for 2 sides) worth it.

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by AJS914

I used tommasini's method to ultimately get Campagnolo working on my 3T Ergonova bars. But I wasted hours struggling with poor shifting before I finally got it. When I install a new cable set I will bypass the holes and just tape them under the bars like we did in the old days. It will be hardly noticeable and I'm sure will work much better.

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by Calnago

Yes, on many internally routed bars, the only way it is possible is to route the cables and housings through the bars with quite a bit of excess exploded at the lever end. Then, without the levers attached to the anchor bolt you insert the housing into the already cabled levers and begin pushing the entire thing into the bars while attempting to keep the housing fully seated in the levers and simultaneously mounting the levers. It usually forces a kink or really awkward bend in the housing. Some internally routed bars are not too bad and I think the ergonovas fall into that category. Others are a bear and I won’t even do them anymore. I just finished up a Pinarello K8-S which I completely rebuilt because the initial build was so bad.

And here’s the cable housings that were previously installed. Clearly the builder had some issues... Image

The other thing, with Campy mechanicals, is that it often forces the derailleur cable out the opening in the lever with the more acute bend. There are two options and I will never use that option unless forced to like in this scenario. What will happen ultimately, and it will happen, is that the cable will fray there and eventually jam up, much like the Shimano levers do all the time with their cable routing.

So, yes... wherever possible I try to avoid difficult internal routings with a mechanical drive train. That doesn’t mean all internal routings are bad, in fact I really like routing through the down tubes etc where there aren’t any additional awkward bends incurred. But for most handlebars that simply isn’t the case.

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by spdntrxi

trying finding integrated aero bars without internal routings.. needle in haystack. One reason why I love the Canyon H11s

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by jfranci3

I didn't have a problem routing my cables. I just pulled out the clear tubes, ran two pieces of old cable up, then used that cable for the new housings to follow. There's one restriction to get around, but it didn't consume my life.

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by fogman

I believe 3T will be replacing the Ergonova with a new bar called the SuperErgo. Slight changes but still internally routed. ... e-cockpit/ ... m-stealth/

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