Lightest Saddles For Clydledales?

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by tabl10s

I currently have two S-Works Power saddles and want something under 100 grams. Also looking for the best and lightest brake cable housing.
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by Weenie

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by Fixie82

Going to have to be more specific than 'Clydesdales' when talking lightweight saddles. Highest weight limit I know of is Gelu Carbon Creations - they list at 110/115, depending on where you look, for the 1&2 versions. All versions are well under 100 grams.


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by Rick

There is no getting around the fact that almost all your body weight is supported by your saddle. So when you are heavy, it is a greater load per square inch.
But I don't think there are specific qualities of a "clydesdale saddle", it is just that a flyweight can tolerate and imperfect fit more easily, while a heavy guy has to experiment more to find what fits more precisely. My weight has fluctuated a lot over my riding days, and I don't require a different fit when heavy. It is just more critical that I have a perfect fit. Small "incompatibilities" become intolerable agonies during a long ride.

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by bilwit


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by merser


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by liketoride

i will second Berk saddles

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by VTR1000SP2

Berk or Bontrager XXX. The latter has no weight limit.

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by jemima

I really like the look of the Gelu S2 with the cork, but all I can think of when looking at them is bathroom tile!

Plus, I can't find any vids showing flex, if any.

by Weenie

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