Removing superglue off a frame

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by sussexhills

I managed to get a large blob superglue on my Supersix seat tube after rolling off too quickly when using it to repair a tyre, does anyone have any recommendations on what I should use to remove it?

It's the Black Inc matte carbon finish with a very thin layer of clearcoat so nervous about using a razorblade and would rather go with chemical.

by Weenie

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by 573

Acetone should remove the superglue. If you struggle to find any, it's used in lots of nail-varnish removers.

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by Alexandrumarian

Acetone first option. But first try it somewhere on the frame where it is not visible to make sure it is not damaging the clearcoat. Problem is these days most nail polish removers are very low in acetone and might be useless. On the other hand getting pure acetone can be difficult. In any case do not try other solvents (such as paint or lacquer thinner) because you can easily melt the lacquer. The razor technique works, but only if you have experience, and it is especially hard on a round surface. You need to use thin tape around the superglue, or the outer thirds of the razor blade, then scrape as much as you can. Then use progressively finer sandpapers to blend everything in then finally buff.

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by WinterRider

How about the stiff plastic like a credit card for scrapping? Some Goo Gone soaked awhile and then the card .. how I handle tough old decals. Couple experiences w super glue here makes me think it's vulnerable vs Goo Gone or similar agents.

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by sussexhills

Thanks all, I'll try Goo Gone as got some already then will raid the better half's makeup drawer if that doesn't work! I'll report back on what works for anyone interested in the future.

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by joec

normal warm soapy water should move it eventially,

and no i didnt find out because i accidently glued my hand to a desk... no honest!

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by colster

If all else fails get some of this stuff:
Thats the proper way to do it

by Weenie

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