Power meter lifespan

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by stormur

Practical curiosity; for how long it shows correct numbers ( lifespan ) ? Any deteriorations over time ?
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by itsacarr

Can't speak to many others but I have had several friends with wired SRM units from a decade ago that still get calibrated and work. In regards to all meters I am pretty sure they are meant to be lengthy purchases in ideal circumstances.

by Weenie

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by sungod


my srm is 7+ years old, i only had it 'officially' calibrated once, other times i did it myself with weights, it's just had it's third battery swap (last time done as standard when calibrated by srm, other times i did it)

in general electronic systems have a long operating life, for something on a bike the main hostile factors are vibration and moisture, both can be managed with correct design and manufacture

unless there's a component quality issue, the only limited lifetime part is likely to be the battery, mechanical parts like the casing/cranks/etc. are probably the limiting factor

not familiar with other pm units, but i'd assume they all require periodic calibration to maintain good accuracy

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by BdaGhisallo

I am still using a 7800 SRM that I got back in 2004 or 2005 and it still works perfectly. I just got it back from having the battery replaced for the third (or it could have been the fourth) time and there's never an issue with it.

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by c60rider

Got a 4 year old quarq sram red and that seems to be very consistent still on the roads I ride regularly seen nothing odd performance wise with that.

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by Geoff

My oldest SRM is 17 years old now. It is just fine, thank you. One of the reasons to buy an SRM is that it will be still running in 20 years...

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by topflightpro

Here's my list - includes mine and my wife's power meters. Years are approximate to when I think I got them.

2008 PowerTap 2.4SL (upgraded later to SL+) - 5 years when Torque tube died.
2010 Sram Quarq - 3 years then sold it.
2013 Specialized Quarq - Still in use but my wife says it is starting to act funny
2013 Sram Red Quarq - 9 months, then died
Warranty Replaced Red Quarq - 3 months, then died
Warranty Replaced Red Quarq No. 2 - 6 months, then died
Warranty Rplaced Red Quarq No. 3 - Sold on eBay upon arrival
2014 Sram SRM - Still going
2014 Cannondale SRM - Still going
2015 Rival Stages Version 2 - Still going.

by Weenie

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by RyanH

I've killed two Quarqs plus one that died and came back to life. The two died because the weather sealing failed, which is kind of sad since I'm in So Cal and it rains here like 5 days a year. The third's battery compartment came slightly undone and then I was able to resolve that with the help of Quarqs technicians.

I've had 3 srms so far. One has gone on to Kode54, one to a stranger and the other I'm currently using. The latter two were bought second hand so I have no idea how old they are. The battery on my first srm did die prematurely (5 months).
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