Canyon prices and models released in the US.

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by 53x12

bilwit wrote:
pdlpsher1 wrote:What do people do when they buy a bike and half of the components are not what they wanted? Do they just sell them on eBay and take the loss?

I haven't bought a full bike in a long while. I usually buy a frameset and build up the bike to the specs. that I like. I like Canyon bikes but not their standard component configurations.

Yes, but usually getting the whole bike build is a better "deal" -- cheaper than buying the frameset and the same parts separately. I went through this dilemma just recently. You'll notice that in most instances frameset MSRPs are quite high compared to the full-bike build with this regard ie. an Orbea Orca Aero sold at the lowest quality build (105) is ~$3300 yet the frameset sold by itself is $3000. The wheelset being included in that build sell for around $300 by themselves, so it's a better deal to just get the whole build and then bin/sell the rest. You would be comparatively "eating the cost" for an unreasonably high upcharge if you just buy the frameset itself.

On the other hand, other manufacturers will only sell the bike with a full spec, so in order to get the frame you want, you are forced to buy the whole bike and then bin/sell the rest. This is a problem at the high end if the manufacture isn't offering a build with cheap components like 105 because the $300 difference in that example is more like $3000+. In my case, the BMC SLR01 in white was only sold full build with eTap.. I already have parts I want to put on it and a several thousand dollar swing puts it out of my price range. I was lucky enough to find a dealer who would take off the build and just sell me the frameset as the same MSRP as the other frameset-exclusive SLR01s.

In a perfect world, manufacturers would only sell framesets to resellers which then spec the bike out for the end-user, but everyone involved wouldn't get whatever sale margin/partner discount/rebate/etc that makes it profitable for them to sell everything as they currently do.

With places like Merlin Cycles, Ribble Cycles, Wiggle, eBay...etc. you can usually build up a high end bike from the frameset for cheaper than you can get it from the dealer. Obviously it depends what you want to spec it out as and if you already have nice wheels. It also depends on if there are season end dealers on surplus inventory, then you can usually find a nice discount on complete bikes. But the best thing about building is that you pick all the components exactly like you want it and don't have extras that you have to sell or find room to store in a box.
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by sennder

Just noticed that the Ultimate CF SLX 9.0 has been updated on the European website to the 2018 model with the same DT Swiss PR 1400 Spline wheels as on the US website. Shipping to Hong Kong, price is now $4679 + shipping. Shipping to Europe / UK is roughly $5600. So I guess the $5000 price tag in the US is pretty reasonable.

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by hanakuso1

It looks like they've added some bikes with Ultegra groupsets lately but still no frame sets available.

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