3T Strada aero road bike is made for wide tires and 1×12 drivetrains

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by Aya

Hmm... 1x12? It looks a little bit awkward, possibly because the different color of the biggest cog? But I'm interested in that drive train. It seems there would be no need to thinking about proper gear ratio especially when I change the chainring. I heard a rumor that Shimano had already developed 1x12 for road bikes by themselves. I wonder if it is true.

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by SuperDave

romalor wrote:
Thu Dec 21, 2017 3:23 pm
Zitter wrote:
Wed Dec 20, 2017 6:40 pm
Stealth finish is more labor intensive hence the upcharge
Damn I should tell this OEM bike companies to charge more for unpainted matt frame than frames with colours ...
I should also tell bike brands I've tested bike for as prototypes to paint them if it's cheaper :roll:
Paint requires severals layers and then varnish
Brut matt requires filler and varnish it's lighter and cheaper
The stealth frame is indicated at the same weight than the painted one on your site , I hope this is a mistake as it would make no sense. :noidea:
The Stealth paint finish is not unpainted, in fact, it is painted with two finish processes, not just one. That's why there's a price increase. The same finish process applies to the Team frame as the Team Stealth frame. Often times you are right that matte black paint is less expensive than colors, especially the metallic and neon colors. Our Team frame uses a solid red paint with a masked painted downtube panel. The Team Stealth uses a fractionally cheaper solid black paint, then receives masking and a two-step clear coating process that preserves the matte/gloss combo better then just using gloss decals over the matte clear coat.

The frames are identical in weight published is without paint, so they are the same. You are correct that the finished weight will be slightly different but since there are no mass production Team Stealth frames to weigh, we'll just publish the accurate information we have, unlike your post which is filled with guesses and a condescending attitude. Why is that? What do you hope to gain by trying to discredit a manufacturer's employee for coming on here to provide answers to questions your fellow forum users might have?

How do the bike brands you tested prototypes for put up with your snarky comments to their products?

Merry Christmas,

by Weenie

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by Global

Super Dave I’m sure for every negative person on this site there are many more of us who appreciate you and your employees sharing information with us. So thanks again for posting.

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by Zak

exactly :beerchug:

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by jlok

a review that is not too positive on the control aspect...

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by Titusrider

jlok wrote:
Sat Dec 23, 2017 4:49 pm
a review that is not too positive on the control aspect...
Thanks for sharing, really interesting. I wonder if the descending performance was due to the flexy bars or more fundamental. Either way, hairpin descents are one of the best bits of cycling for me so I’m out.

Also nice to see someone saying there is some marking of the frame/fork from the tight clearances. I run super tight clearances like that on my fork and all the paint is long gone under the crown. It was weird to see other reviews saying it’s wasnt an issue.

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by romalor

it get better review with enve handlebar and enve rims by road.cc
enve stiffer than 3t components and rims = better

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