Firefly or Mosaic

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by fromtrektocolnago

jrobart wrote:
fromtrektocolnago wrote:
morrisond wrote:For wait times it will most likely be Shorter with Mosaic - it would be 8-12 weeks not 8-12 months(purely guessing on this I haven't checked with Firefly lately) unless you want to pay Firefly a Premium for an early spot if they still do that.

That being said I'm just in the process of Ordering a Mosaic but i love the Firefly Drop-outs - Works of art.

I got my firefly in way under that time. you don't need to wait 8-12 months. Got mine in under 3. i paid the fee. I love the drop-outs and the anodized treatment. but if i was simply looking for a solid titanium bike and the aesthetics were not the top priority I'd probably go Seven Cycles.

+1 for Seven Cycles. A crew of ex Merlin folks who really led the Ti evolution.

I have an Axiom SL, and just I built up a 622 SLX (carbon tubes with ti lugs and chainstays). Both bikes are absolutely exactly what I was looking for. Custom process was comprehensive without excessive wait times (about 8 weeks in both cases). Also had a Mudhoney SL, but sold it to partially fund the 622. I definitely would take a look at Seven before making a decision.

Seven and Firefly can't give you more different approaches. One is a large shop with tons of support, the other small and very personal approach where you kind of get the soul of the builder. You can't go wrong with either but very different companies. I'd say Firefly is more similar to a Mosaic.
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by GonaSovereign

Wingnut wrote:
ewwhite wrote:No.22 Bicycles?

Agree...these guys make cool bikes!

Thread drift, but I just got a No.22 and it's amazing. Tremendous build quality.

by Weenie

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by j_gantzer

Moots, quick turn around, proven geometry and they will be around if you ever have an issue.

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by cadence90

Ha ha, this is so typical of us. A fellow asks for some help deciding between two builders, and ends up getting 100 vote is for Kish Fabrication! :D
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by CrankAddictsRich

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by Bigger Gear

I do not think you could go wrong with either builder, but based on what I've seen from Firefly they would be my choice.

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by joosttx

I own a Mosaic and it is a wonderful bike. I really love it and am very happy with my purchase. My decision point was that their lead time was shorter than FF. I got ny custom Mosaic in under a month.

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by Danza

Unless things have changed, isn't there a not-insignificant cost difference between the two? With Firefly being the more expensive

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by Cheers!


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