Veloflex corsa 25mm clincher tire question

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by poppiholla

Can somebody provide some information about these tires. Do they run wider or smaller then 25mm on a carbon clincher wheel 17mm inside and 25mm outside.


by Weenie

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by Delorre

Mine were 25mm spot on with new bora's (17mm inside). Fairly durable and puncture proof (didn't get any). Ride quality didn't impress me, but I must be in the minority here. Less fast as Conti force/attack and more weight also.

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by jcumpstay

Can't comment on width on a 17mm rim, however I have to say that I find ride quality superb on these tires. From what I have read and experienced @Delorre is definitely in the minority.

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by blueturtle

Veloflex clinchers should not be fitted to carbon rims! See Veloflex's own information,with regards to this issue.

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by Marin

On my 18mm internal carbon clinchers, the 23s measure 24mm IIRC. Excellent tires, very fast & supple and great value for money, probably my favourites.

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by calvin

They are a bit smaller, mine were 24 mm for a 25 tyre
Tried them for the first time this season and i was really surprised how fast they were compared to Michelin Pro. For shure will buy them also this year.

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by fa63

Mine measured 24 mm on a 15c rim, and just over 25 mm on a 17c rim.

I also ran them on carbon clinchers for many years with no issues.

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by choiboi

blueturtle wrote:Veloflex clinchers should not be fitted to carbon rims! See Veloflex's own information,with regards to this issue.

Ran them on carbon clinchers for 30,000km without issue

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by Wingnut

Nice tyres but feel narrow...
"It's not the's the ride!"

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by chrisMTB

They felt narrow on Campy Shamals 17's. Didn't had a caliper to measure. I'm getting some carbon wheels next week that are 18. I'll update later on

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by 11.4

You can use them on carbon clinchers as long as you use decent ones Those Veloflex warnings were because of some offshore rims that had sharp edges which cut through the clincher sidewall.

The thing about Veloflex Corsa 25's is that you should pick a tire pressure, pump it up, reduce by ten psi, ride, and reduce by ten again. Possibly do that yet again. You'll find they transform at the right pressure and do not need all that much pressure to give a reliable and luxurious ride.

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by chazmtb

I ride 25 masters (tan walled corsa) with Michelin latex tubes on campy bora 50. Supple tire, even more so than my veloflex arenbergs 25 tubular on campy bora tubs. The masters/corsa are right at 25mm on the the new campy wide rims.

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by TonyM

I have swapped from Vittoria Open Corsa/ latex tubes to Veloflex Corsa/ Latex and the Veloflex seems to be slightly better than the Vittoria Corsa (weight, puncture and rolling characteristics). I use these on my aluminum (Fulcrum Racing Zero, Mavic, ...) and my carbon rims (Lightweight Meilenstein). No problems at all.

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by poppiholla

I bought the Veloflex corsa 25mm clincher tires last night so let see and find out if the are 25mm on Bora one clinchers.

by Weenie

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