FAILURE Shimano Cranksets

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by nickf

wheelsONfire wrote:It seems this is due to corrosion, humidity and salt?
Perhaps in conjunction with a twisting load when we pedal it work itself off or in some cases crack?

So Shimano Hollow Technology is bascially a U-profile with a reversed U-profile glued on?

Its humid here in Orlando for sure but no salt water to worry about this far inland. The customer lives and rides in the central florida area. The glue on the inside was dry and chalky. This is a recreational rider.

by Weenie

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by PedroS

I wonder just how wide spread this really is. Is it design flaw or just a bad run of cranks? I just purchased a full 6800 group hang on a new Ti frame and now I'm wondering if I should for forego the crankset and find a nice 6700 crankset on eBay.

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by moonoi

I dunno but here in Thailand there seems to be an increasing number of failures, this happened to one of our club members a few weeks back, Shimano swapped it out under warranty. Failed after just 2000km/5 months.

I just got a new Ultegra crankset on my M9 and quite worried about whether it is going to fail.


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