Trek Madone fork crack

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by Bergwerk

A question for you carbon guru's. While cleaning my 2013 Trek Madone I noticed some cracks around the bottom of the fork crown. What do you make of these? Paint cracks or is the carbon separating from the aluminum steerer? The forks don't creak of have any undue flex. But still, doesn't look very confidence inspiring, what do you think?



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by MisterNoChain

I'd say go asap to your LBS so they can send pictures to Trek. This doesnt look good.

by Weenie

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by upside

Those appear to look like paint cracks.

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by Svetty

Look like paint cracks to me. White is susceptible to cracking. Hard to be certain though and that isn't an area where tapping with a coin would probably be of much help. Worth getting LBS to take a look.

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by tarmackev

Looks like paint to me. I wouldn't worry about that at all.
The paint is laid thickly there on an uneven surface, with temperature changes it will expand and then dry out ever so slightly in the same way mud does, when it dries it contacts and the tiny cracks appear.

I really wouldn't worry but for your own peace of mind you may want to ask your bike shop.

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by Weenie

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by Bergwerk

Thanks for all the feedback so far. I sent Trek a mail and they responded that the brake calliper bolt being overtightened might be the cause. No way to be certain of that as I bought the bike second hand. Would have to be tightened insanely to compress the carbon shell and alu steerer for that to compress I recon. Anyway, they suggested i take it into a dealer to have them check it out. But with all that's been said I think I'll keep riding it for now.

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