Does a wheel weight limit include the bike's weight as well?

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by dily

Considering buying Bora One wheels, but I've read somewhere that the recommended weight limit on these wheels is 82kg.

I weigh about 82kg, but do I have to also consider my bike's weight? Because if so, the total weight would be over 90kg.

Should I be concerned?

by Weenie

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by Nefarious86

Its generally a "system weight" meaning rider, bike and accessories.
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by kgt

In the case of the Bora 82kg it is for the rider only. If I remember well Bora suggests heavier riders being much more cautious, checking their wheels much more frequently.

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by jamesbass

I think the weight limits are usually rounded down by some amount to account for this and play it safe. Maximum PSI ratings of tyres and rims certainly are.

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by Calnago

@dily: at 82kg (180lbs) you are totally fine on the Boras. The "180lb" warning is what Campy chose as their general guideline for almost all their stuff (not just wheels) always saying something to the effect of that for riders over 82kg then you should pay extra attention to the maintenance of all your stuff. Basically saying the heavier you are the harder that is on equipment. But your wheels will not fall apart at 90kg.

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by lw11

Not sure if Bora Ultra have the same weight limit, but according to Wikipedia, Andre Greipel is 82kg and rides Bora Ultras

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by BRM

What are the weight limits of the wheels? Where can I find the weight limits allowed by the wheels?

All Campagnolo wheels are constructed to meet the highest standards of resistance and durability. If you weigh over 109 kg/240 lbs we advise you not to use this product. Non compliance with this warning can damage the product irreversibly. If you weigh 82 kg/180 lbs or more, you must be especially vigilant and have your bicycle inspected more frequently (than someone weighing less than 82 kg/180 lbs). Check with your mechanic to discuss whether the wheels you selected are suitable for your use, and to determine the frequency of inspections. Using tires with a larger diameter and a frame that respects the standards will help to increase the lifetime of the wheels.

Source: ... the_wheels

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by Calnago

Thank you @BRM. I knew I had read that and it was in the back of my mind that the weight limit was around 110kg, but I wasn't sure except for the 180lb guideline. And I do know a guy over 240lbs that has been riding boras with no issue for a long time.

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by markpost

I've been riding bora one all summer, the rear wheel had a spoke come loose and the bike shop put spoke freeze on the spokes and the wheels have been fine. But i'am only just 85kg

by Weenie

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by 11.4

If you have to ask that question, you should probably be on heavier wheels.

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