UPDATE: Rue Uberlight now 3,346g (7.38lbs)

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by TheKaiser

beanbiken wrote:
KCookie wrote:
beanbiken wrote:
kulivontot wrote:The only concern he has is how long before his starbike discount kicks in

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Yep.............. :wink: Damn nuisances

And all for the sake of a massive 5% discount. :D

Sorry, even worse than that as the discount is now a grand 2.5%......honestly :roll:
They choke the forum up with meaningless drivel to save^^^^^^. I can see at some point it will be a zero discount, but so be it

Some of those posts may be from spammers trying to hit the minimum post counts to start posting links to their discount handbags or "male enhancement pills" or whatever, assuming that policy is still in place.

by Weenie

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