Please recommend a light and reliable bottle cage.

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by Calnago

I think you will like the Dave-O's. I have a lone bottle cage from the Campy 80th Anniversary edition group. I cannot even fit my waterbottle in it at all. It makes a nice pencil holder. Lol

by Weenie

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by rmerka

Calnago wrote:I have a lone bottle cage from the Campy 80th Anniversary edition group. I cannot even fit my waterbottle in it at all. It makes a nice pencil holder. Lol

Maybe it's only compatible with the Campy bottle (Super Record Level :mrgreen: )


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by Calnago

Ha! No doubt. I use rebranded camelback bottles (Rapha) which clearly are a little bigger in diameter than most bottles it seems, so a closed cage like the campy one just won't work. So pencils it is.

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by DavidMLee

Mandibles are the best. I even heard fake version of those was as good as some carbon cages in the market. I recommend using authentic one though.
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by jrmynthn

I have and use both the Arundel Mandible and the Tune Wassertrager 2.0. Each are light and hold bottles well. Here is a link to my quick review of the Wassertrager 2.0 ... /tunecage2

Between them the Mandible is more secure and seems to work with a wider assortment of bottles but visually I prefer the Tune Wassertrager 2.0 and it's a 1/3 the weight.

Although I've never tried them the King stainless cages are beautiful.

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by AlphaDogCycling

King Ti cages - clean aesthetic, great bottle hold, virtually indestructible, and lastly won't mark your bottles

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Just bought arundel mandible.

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by kfreytag

I've been using Mandibles almost exclusively on every build (which means road and cross). I've never ejected a bottle with a Mandible, and whereas they "grip" quite a bit more than other cages, I find that reassuring.

I'm lately a fan of the new ENVE cage. Lighter than the Mandible, doesn't "grip" the bottle quite so hard to retain it but rather grabs the neck once the bottle is inserted. It feels different to pull a bottle out, but it's got great retention, looks good, and is light @ ~20g.
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by Spinnekop

ho9 wrote:really like the lightweight edelhelfer

I broke two of them.
The bottom lip that holds the bottle from falling through breaks.
I ran the small Camelback Podium bottles on them.

Went back to my Arundel cages that are 3 years old now with no issues still.
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by PSM

Arundel Mandible. Rattle free.

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by sawyer

For the money, the Planet X cages are decent. 21/22g and don't drop bottles.
They are generic carbon and available under other brands IIRC

Eventually they become a bit stretched ... but last a few years
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by DrJeffers

What's wrong with the good old Elite Custom Race!?

Cheap as chips, secure, robust, plenty of colours for frame matching, hardly exactly heavy, and at least half the world tour pros use them! Spending too long over-thinking bottle cages is a strong warning sign you are heading down the gear rabbit hole, imho! :D

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by riochang

try the new elite custom race plus cage, very easy to put in/take out the bottles. plus it looks very cool

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by han1337

Ax lightness nasdarowje
Expensive but perfect

Will mark you bottles, but they wont fall out ever

Its very easy to get them in without looking (because of the wider entry area)

And they are 19-20g with bolts

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by Wookski

Tune Wassertrager 2.0- light @ 9g and really secure

by Weenie

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