Dura Ace 9000 polymer cables with Nokon anyone?

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by sp3000

Just ordered my 9000 group, currently running 7800 with Nokon, I was wondering if anyone has tried the Nokon outers with the 9000 polymer shift/brake cables? If so what are your thoughts? Thanks in advance!

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by ms6073

I suspect it will work but shifting will decay over the long term. I say this based on experience racing cyclocross on a bike equipped with mechanical disc brakes and Gore RideOn cables in which the coating applied to the cables flakes off over time clogging the cable liner resulting in degraded shifting and sticking of the brake levers on release. I am using the Shimano 9000 polymer cables on our road bikes with Di2 and while it is not as bad as the Gore RideOn cables, I have noticed what I would assume is the polymer coating flaking off where it is exposed between housing and the brake caliper barrel adjusters.
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by Weenie

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by sp3000

From what I understand the polymer coating wears at "contact" points, not to mention you are even meant to scrape it off under the brake caliper bolt to prevent slipping, hopefully in a housing there is nothing sharp enough to scrape it off, I do remember the PTFE coating coming off in bits in the past though.

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by 964Cup

I'm running DA polymer brake cables in Nokon. Not brilliant, IMO - the rear is a little sticky and slow to release, presumably because of friction from the full-length liner. Can't comment on shifting as I'm di2.

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by 2old4this

I am running the nokon brake housing with jagwire inner lining. Original nokon lining was a little sticky / slow to release in the back.

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